BlackBerry – Strange Brand in Cambodia


BlackBerry Curve

BlackBerry is one the most famous mobile phone brand in the world, but those happened in 1990s and 2000s.

RIM had made something which no one else can be thought of. BlackBerry name had registered in the mind of customers for years, a decade I think. But this past few years, BlackBerry and RIM faced a lot of difficulties, their BlackBerry phones became forgotten and they lost their customer loyalty in terms of performance and supporting apps.

But those just right in the developed world such as USA, UK, AUS, but look in to the developing world such as Cambodia, what’s happening with BlackBerry? This brand still the mysterious and strange brand in customers’ perspectives. No one know about it. What’s the reasons that make BlackBerry becomes mysterious among customer’s mindset? There are some reasons:

  1. Unknown brand: It’s not like the Nokia that built a very strong believes in customers’ mindset. BlackBerry may well-known in USA, but not in Cambodia. When we talk about BlackBerry we’ll think about business and value. Their phones are very expensive even the basic one compare to the same level of Nokia.
  2. The Price: Well, talking about price, BlackBerry is the most well-known brand in selling their product with high price. You can just pay about $200 for a Nokia phone with internet surf, facebook and more, but those won’t work with BlackBerry. You might need to spend more than $300 for a entry level BlackBerry (BlackBerry Curve) and if you want to use facebook, internet or any emails, you need to pay for it’s sevice (BIS/BES) which will cost you a lot.
  3. Easy to Use: Using a BlackBerry phone you might need some times to get into it. The operating system is just so complicated (OS4, 5). People who never try that OS before, you will get trouble with it, but once you influence in it, you’ll see the different things and you will never want to change to another OS. From OS6 to 7 and now it upgrade to OS10, called BlackBerry 10, those pros-and-cons has been fix. The latest OS is completely easy to use and very smooth performance as well. But yet, please remember that, BlackBerry is not Nokia, Android or even iPhone. It is not such as easy as those OS.
  4. Quality of the Products: As you might know, iPhone has aluminum chases, Android as simply plastic while Nokia Lumia is Polycarbonate unibody. But those doesn’t make any sense while BlackBerry’s chases are more likely metal. I am using Torch 9800 and its’ chases is a red-metal. Very strong, very unique and very nice to hold on. Because of RIM focusing on the quality of the products, the price of the products also raising up as well. But believe me, if you drop the BlackBerry down on the floor, you don’t need to change the screen, or chases but you might need a new screen if you accidentally drop you iPhone 4, or 5.
  5. The Technology: Because of RIM is just so happy with what they are having, they forgot to create things. The technology that RIM using BlackBerry, but not BlackBerry 10, is just so obsolete. A few apps for business, some apps for multimedia is what BlackBerry have. There is now NFC, no 3G for some phones, no wifi tether for OS1-6. Those kind of things that make BlackBerry be forgotten.
  6. Extra cost: As i mention earlier, if you want to use your personal or your work email, you will need to subscribe BIS/BES. In Cambodia, this BIS is cost about $12 per month with no internet offers and you have to subscribe another $5 per month for another 2GB of internet use and this for Cellcard users only, and if you’re Hello users, you might need to pay more. So, how much is the cost if you plus $300 of your device? That’s the biggest deal for all BlackBerry users in Cambodia.


Cellcard pre-paid service for BlackBerry.


Hello post-paid service for BlackBerry.

Those kind of reasons that make BlackBerry is still mysterious among Cambodian user. I hope RIM will learn a lot from that point and make it even better.

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