Phnom Penh – City of Changes

Yesterday afternoon, after cleaning and fulfilled the fuel for my motorbike, i went around the city for a little relax. Along the road, i took a picture, and that picture described about the buildings in Phnom Penh.


If I’m not wrong, this building built in 1960s and till today, it still be used now mater how old it is. Next to the building, there is a very modern LG store. As I knew, it is the bigger LG store in the Cambodia, but I never been there before 🙂

At night time, Phnom Penh is become more active due to the temperature and teenagers are more likely to go out at night time than day time.

After finishing my dinner with my fiance, we went across the Independent Monument and captured a very nice view of the re-painted building. Very nice though.


This picture took by my BlackBerry Torch camera, thus the quality is absolutely….horrible. But believe me, you’ll experience the best of this view if you across that place at night time.


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