Blogging in Khmer language

ImageI know everyone are trying to make everything personal, unique and nationality even we are writing your blog we always try to write in our local language.

I’ve been trying to make my blog looks very Khmer, but I just cannot make it. Writing in Khmer is never easy, I’m telling you, it would never easy if you want to type in Khmer. This morning, I try to translate a topic international newspaper into Khmer language, but you know what, I spent a whole morning just for type those topic. Wow! Why would it take so long to just complete one topic in Khmer? Yes, the answer will be we’re not practice it everyday.

No matter how influence you are in typing Khmer language, but you’ll face some problems as well. You might sometimes forget the place where 2nd, or 3rd character located. And that the reason why I took so long to just complete a topic this morning.


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