Traffic Law – Yet Again Unsolved Problem

I know everyone knows about traffic law in Cambodia and I believe that you also know that it is a problem that remain unsolved.
A few years a go, to reduce the number of deaths caused by accident, specifically traffic accident, government of Cambodia had made traffic law which required all motorcycle drivers wear their helmet during their riding along the road. The law was really effective at the beginning by estimated 90%-95% of Cambodia population obey the law by wearing their helmet during their ride.
Yet again, years later, the problem raising. The number of deaths still remain higher than what they expected.
Law makers has agreed on making another law by required both driver and passengers have to wear their helmet and if they don’t, they will got fine.
But look into today, I still see so many Cambodian teenagers are not wear any helmet during their ride not just for driver but for both passenger at the back. Why those issues remain happening? Because those teenagers think wearing helmet can both damage their hair style and losing their appearance. Ridiculous right? But it is the fact. I see a lot of teenagers riding without any helmet on their head. That’s very dangerous but those teenagers are not see any dangerous are waiting for them.
I think policemen should have a very appropriate action, if we want to reduce the deaths.

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