6 Ways To Make Your Working Environment Better

Working environment is very important and it will effect directly to yourself and the whole workplace as well. There are some good and bad workplace. Some workplace are so exciting, some are so strict, and some are so stressful. So, how make your workplace environment become more excitement, and feel relax?
There are 6 important points to make you love your workplace, as well change your stressful workplace become a place that you would never change to another place:

  1. Give some break time/relax time for your staffs: Can you imagine how your workplace will look like if you work 5 days a week with stressful, meeting and so many deadlines without any relax time? Some of your staffs don’t even have time for their personal stuff, their family and their lovers, how would they feel? Those kind of workplaces, will never become an interesting workplace and the result of their/yours work will become not-so-good at all. So, set some break/relax time for your staffs, take care them more.
  2. Social Activities: How would you feel if you’re just so care about your work, your benefits without pay any attention in your society? I am sure that everyone in the office will felt so ignorance, guilty and so lonely somehow. Social activities are not only make your staffs more active, and it also a good time for them to do something for their society and to make them proud that they have done something as their responsibility to their country.
  3. Good Relationship With Everyone in the Office: Office is not just an office, it is a family, a house. What would it look like if in a house with no relation or the relationship with the member is not good/strong enough? They will try to compete each other to get what they want without any thinking that they are on the same boat. So, build good relationship with staffs is really important, it can drive the performance of the company to reach a certain level, to build a company with high profile. But build good relationship it would never easy when people have different thinking.
  4. Show Them About Their Future Goal that Company Can Offers: A good company will have goals for their staffs and will show their staffs what they will get in the future. So, set up the goal and show to them about company’s vision to show them see the value of be working hard.
  5. “Bonus”: Working is just a like a car can runs because of fuel. To encourage people, company need to provide bonus, extra bonus to their staffs as VITAMIN to boost their actions moving forward. However, it is not just about setting “bonus” and everything will be just fine, company should think about the certain target that staffs can reach, so they will work hard for it.
  6. “Motivation”: “You’ve done very good!” ” Very good job, let’s try some more” These kind of word can be a VITAMIN for your staffs as well. Motivation in workplace is really important. It can make your staff work hard without any complaint or any doubts. As a leader, “motivation” is really important.

These 6-point above are just simple or just an open for you to see how to make our company/workplace even more interesting and to make your staffs work for you with their loves.


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