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Tips For Today


Working is the things that each and everyone of us have to do. But do you wonder why some people are really success in their work while other don’t? This is the most common questions that i am sure everyone of us used to ask ourselves and everyone around as well.

This is potentially because of our time management and arrangement. Successful story would never comes if we don’t have well organised and well prepared.

Let me ask you question: “Did you ever prepared check-list or to-do-list everyday/every time before you go to work? Have you check it properly?” 

Here 5 main reasons that keep us from success at our workplace:

  1. WELL PREPARED: Preparation is very important, we cannot finish things we don’t have well prepare. What does well prepare mean? It doesn’t mean prepare your table, your bag, your clothes/uniform or even your money then. Well prepare here i want to stress to you guys that we have to be well prepared the task that we need to you complete within today or tomorrow. A successful person they can prepared their working plans months before it happened. The quality of preparation is also very important. You need to list down your priorities from the MOST IMPORTANT down to LESS IMPORTANT. Strict with it and you’ll see the different and quality of your working hours and more importantly you’ll never feel bored at work then.
  2. AVOID MANY TASKS: There was a very funny story i faced myself. I used to list down everything that i wanted on a piece of paper and i considered as my tasks for today. I listed down 10 tasks on that day, but at the end of the day, i can only complete 5 tasks and the rest were still stay on my desk. We cannot complete multi tasks a day with don’t know what to prioritise. So, some of you guys will ask me, what if we have many urgent stuffs? Believe me, there is no always urgent things then, it will remain the TOP PRIORITY, LESS PRIORITY and so on. If you tell me that you have many urgent to complete today, then you’re not well prepared.
     Well prepared also can reduce of our busy time then. Just strict with it and we’ll have time to relax and do more things.
  3. FOCUS: Working environment will never always quiet. There’ll be some people are joking around, chit chat and so on. Sometimes, another new things happens with unexpected. But leave those behind, you just complete it in a proper way. Stay focus on your work/task before you reply to another people who’s joking around you. The moment you reply those chat while you’re doing things then you’ll miss the plan and your tasks will never complete. Be focus and finish your tasks properly.
  4. TIME MANAGEMENT: This would be the most difficult things the do then. Me myself i am not guaranty that i am good at this point. But we have to have our protocol on managing our working time. We step into the office, mean we come to work, not just for fun or relax or escape from family’s problem. When we step into your workplace desk we need to put PRODUCTIVITY into our heart and manage it in a very effective way. Time management is very critical to each and everyone of us.
  5. PASSION/AMBITION and EMOTIONs: Working with no passion or ambition is more likely to kill yourself in the working environment. Set your ambitious and go for it. I know some of us are doing our tasks because it is our responsibility. That’s might correct, but those a small part of our working day. If you have set your own ambition/passion with your work, then you’ll feel boring and you’ll find another place to just full-filled your feeling. Working is not interest at all, nothing happy-happy at the workplace, but we’re the people can make those place become more enjoyable, happy-happy place. We need to build our own passion and ambition to move ourselves forward and update to become more happy-happy. Believe me, no workplace is enjoyable, no workplace is happy, there is only pressure at workplace. So to those you want to change their workplace, you need to think twice about this: Did we create something happy for yourself here yet? Did we make our current job to become an enjoyable workplace yet? Did we really put our heart into it? Why do we want to change? Why do we hate it? Why do we don’t like the people around us? Those questions are not easy to answer then.

So, these 5 things are just my own observation, and i believe that there’ll be more than just these 5. But at least, these might inspire some of you guys something and i hope you’ll learn something from it.

How to Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

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If any of you reading my blog are the friend of mine of Facebook, you’ll see remember what i posted this morning.

If you want to read unimportant news, just go to Facebook. But if you want to read very important news/lessons, then LinkedIn will be the perfect place for you.

This evening, after checked my inbox, i’ve read a very interesting topic/post on LinkedIn and i think, it will be much better and valuable if i share to everyone here or there. I know that every post will have its copyright, but i think sharing is the best and more valuable than those copyright.

Today lesson will talk about “How to Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths” and to avoid of those copyright issues, i think i should post the whole topic here….

How to Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

We all have weaknesses, and we tend to try to work on eliminating them – on changing ourselves in order to become better. But change is difficult- very difficult. What if instead of trying to eliminate our weaknesses, we embraced them for what they were?

Several months ago, my friend Ben Rosner, CEO of e-home and a fellow member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, led an activity on weaknesses and strengths with my EO Forum group, based on the excellent Freak Factor manifesto by David Rendall. I found the activity to be so insightful and inspiring, I did the activity with my team at Likeable Local– and then with our team at Likeable Media. I thought I’d share it with you here as well:

Think about your biggest weaknesses at work and in life. What qualities are you most unhappy about? Of the following list of 16 typical weaknesses, look carefully and choose the three that resonate most with you:

1) Disorganized
2) Inflexible
3) Stubborn
4) Inconsistent
5) Obnoxious
6) Emotionless
7) Shy
8) Irresponsible
9) Boring
10) Unrealistic
11) Negative
12) Intimidating
13) Weak
14) Arrogant
15) Indecisive
16) Impatient

Got your three biggest weaknesses? Great. (Don’t be too depressed, the rest of this activity is more fun). Next, look at the below list, find the same three weaknesses, and look at the traits to the right of each of your three biggest weaknesses:

1) Disorganized —> Creative
2) Inflexible —> Organized
3) Stubborn —> Dedicated
4) Inconsistent —> Flexible
5) Obnoxious —> Enthusiastic
6) Emotionless —> Calm
7) Shy —> Reflective
8) Irresponsible —> Adventurous
9) Boring —> Responsible
10) Unrealistic —> Positive
11) Negative —> Realistic
12) Intimidating —> Assertive
13) Weak —> Humble
14) Arrogant —> Self-Confident
15) Indecisive —> Patient
16) Impatient —> Passionate

The three qualities to the right of your three weaknesses are all strengths.

Hidden in your weaknesses are your strengths.

Every weakness has a corresponding strength.

The idea here is simple: Instead of trying to change your weaknesses, accept them. Don’t try to fix them – it’s too difficult. Instead, be sure to leverage your associated strengths. You can look to colleagues, direct reports, and even supervisors to fill in the gaps where you are weakest. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help- they can add value where you are weaker. But be sure to embrace your strengths, and build upon them. After all, your strengths (even those disguised as weaknesses) – will get you far in your career, and in life.


Now it’s your turn. Did this activity resonate with you? Were the strengths corresponding with your weaknesses accurate? What are your greatest weaknesses – and strengths? What are the takeaways for you at work and in life? Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below! And here’s to your secret strengths!


Dave Kerpen is disorganized, unrealistic and impatient – which means he’s creative, positive and passionate! For more information about this activity, be sure to check out the excellent book Freak Factor by David Rendall. For more on Dave Kerpen, check out the New York Times best seller Likeable Social Media and the Amazon #1 best seller Likeable Business. Or click the follow button below for more of Dave’s posts on LinkedIn.

This is very important lesson and i hope that you guys will learn something.

source: Linkedin.com

Nokia Lumia 620 Review – 7 Days After


If you might aware, I post some topic(s) which talked about smartphones and technology. I like technology because it can changes your life even easier, better and much faster that traditional style. Me, myself, I am a pharmacist, but I see the value of understanding the technology and that’s the only reason why I am in love with it.

This reason days, I bought a Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone which it is the Windows Phone 8 smartphone. It cannot be compared to the iPhone or any Android phones out there in the market due to some lack of support and applications. But however, I do really love it (not like) and here are my review:

  1. The Feeling: When you first hold Nokia Lumia 620 you’ll feel “Wow!” Yeah, because this phone is made of polycabonate chases with double-layer backdoor. It looks very interested since the day I hold it. The phone is very light and feel very solid in hands then, not just easily to be broken like the iPhone(s) does. The screen of this phone is fit in the small-palmb like me. I can reach the tope or the side of the phone without any doubt
  2. Battery: Believe me once you call a phone as smartphone, that’s mean you have to charge your battery once/day or even more often. The battery in Lumia 620 is just only 1300mA but it can live up to one full day. I think, the battery is okay but you might need another extra if you wish you bring it with you to another place which lack of electricity that really common in Cambodia. Beware of that. Image
  3. The Software – Windows Phones 8 OS: The Nokia Luma 620 is operated by Windows Phone 8, which it is the most advance OS for smartphone. Windows Phone 8 runs very smoothly, easy to use, and always update with Live Tile and i am sure that there’ll no other smartphones can do that. For the iPhone users they might think that iOS is way faster than any other smartphone OS in the market but iOS will just have to Windows Phone one day if they’re still keeping things the way they’re doing right now. Windows Phone 8 is just really good and probably the best in its class then…


4. Applications: Once we are talking about an iPhone, we’ll always reflect the       applications that Apple and their partners are providing to there customers. But not all of those apps will use proper, some apps they just want to try 20 or 30 minutes then they remove it. This makes sense because, I am believe that just only a few apps that will be use frequently such as Office, Email, Chat (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype…). All of these common apps already for use for Windows Phone 8.

So, that’s just the first review of my Lumia 620 and I think, it is a great phone with reasonable budget if you compare to any other luxurious smartphones such as iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 or else.

The next topic I will go through the cost effectiveness of Lumia 620 versus BB10 or even iPhone/Samsung. It is a really need for us before we do/prepare anything, we should to think twice about its’ cost-effective or what?

First Post From My Windows Phone

While everyone, specially teenagers are trying to have or own an iPhone to show that they’re really stylish and wealthy. These are the main purpose of their having an iPhone.

To me, iPhone doesn’t impress me much, I like the phone that really help me, my work and make the job done. I don’t need to be stylish or fancy. Windows Phone has everything I want. Email, easy to use and stable that’s what I really need to replace my old BlackBerry phone which it is lack of support and stability.

To me, BlackBerry is more than just a phone, it is my long year friend but, man, I just have to change to another one which more efficiency than you and the Windows Phone is just the right spot. With Windows Phone I don’t need to spend $700 to have it, with my current Lumia 620, I just need to spend only $260 and everything will ready to go.

This is just my first impression of posting a topic from Windows Phone, with ease and stable.

I suggest everyone who really need a phone to support your work with reasonable cost, go with Windows Phone.

Dengue Season – A Worry for All Parents

Hot, warm, rainy is the suitable weather for Dengue to develop become the burden and that weather is just right now.


Dengue fever is the second concerns burden among Cambodian children after pneumonia. This disease is one of the most life threatening  that all Cambodian parents are worrying about their children.

So beware of that, I would raise up some tips to all parents to take really look and taking a good care of you beloved children

  1. Limit of mosquitoes bite: Dengue fever is transmitted through mosquitoes bite. There is only one kind of mosquitoes that can carries and transmits the parasite from sick children to the others. To limit the bites, kill them by using” Killer Aerosol Sprays” or “mosquitoes nets” each and every time, when your child is sleeping or playing.
  2. Tidy up the house/play yard: Prepare your house tidily and clean it properly. Do not hang anything like clothes, or any materials in your children’s room/bedroom. Any wasted materials such as cans, or anythings can keep the water, clean it up. If you’re using water-pots, put some germ-killing “A-bet” into the water to kill those germs. Keep your house clean and tidy is the most important method to prevent Dengue fever.

So, this two important tips that you can apply everyday and put it as a part of you day-to-day activities to improve the quality of your children’s life by avoiding this avoidable disease.

What are the symptoms or signal if your children getting Dengue fever?

Well, once you see any of these below signs, bring your child to see your nearest doctors/paediatricians to get them check. Here are some symptoms or signals:

  1. Fever: high temperature is the most common signals that any children who get Dengue fever. Your child will experience the high temperature to almost 38 degree Celsius or even higher. The temperature will not disappear even you give them Paracetamol. It will just keep reappear again and again from day to day.
  2. Whole-Day sleeping: Along with high temperature, your child will just like to sleep and sleep. They sleep like they never sleep before. They just feel very sleepy and always want to sleep.
  3. Abdominal pain or vomiting:  Once Dengue fever developed for at least 3 days after infected, your child will have some signals such as abdominal pain or even vomit. They feels very unstable in their stomach. They feel just want to vomit and don’t want to eat anything.
  4. Rashes: After 3 or 4 days of infected, your child will have some rashes on their hands, feet or even their face. That’s the most dangerous of Dengue.

Be mindful with all of these signs or symptoms. If you see any of these signs or symptoms happen, please bring your child to the nearest clinics and get them  treatment as soon as possible

At this time in points, there is no vaccines or any specific medicines to kill this parasite yet. What you can do is prevent your children with just simple steps I mentioned above.


How To Dress Up In A Professional Way?

While Cambodia is now worldwide open business with a lot of foreign investors are coming to run their business in our country, we are Cambodian and we need to change things to really fit this new life style too. We’ve changed our concepts from just study to able to read become study/learning new things and do new way to really achieve our goal and that’s find a good job or run a successful business. 

This is really good thing and it is happening right now in Cambodia, especially new Cambodian generation. Along with this changes, we need to change our way dressing as well. How do you guys dress for every working day? Image

Do you guys dress like this to work?

Imageor like this?

I am sure that each and everyone us know how to dress to work, but sometime, you might just forget that what you are dressing is really professional or just for your own purpose. I used to saw a man dress with white shirt, black pants, black belt, black shoes but unfortunately he wore white shocks. He might thinks that it is ok, but to be professional person, it is not okay at all. 

Sometime, you guys wear t-shirt, or white shoes or even jeans to work. Those kind of wear looks really nice and really fit, but it is not yet look profession and especially, for a manager you really need to be professional. The way you dress up, the way you talk and act, it has to be very professional.

How do dress to make us look professional? 

This is what I observe, so it is not a recommendation or suggestion for anyone. If you think it is good, then just try it.

To dress up yourself look professional, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy very high class dress, shirts or pants then. And you also don’t need to have a lot of shirts, pants or else. You just need, 4 shirts, 4 pants, 2 pairs of shoes, and some black shocks then. This call 4×4=21 theory. You can match your shirts with any pants you like in a week and it make you look like that you wear different dress everyday. 

Basic rules: 

  • Never wear white shocks to work
  • Colour of your shoes have to match with your belt colour and always polish your shoes properly 
  • Limit of wearing jeans to work
  • Iron your dress each time 
  • Put your tie on (if needed)

That’s all for today tips and I hope that you guys learned something. If you want to build and move yourself up, it is a need to really prepare yourself from the beginning before it’s too late. 

Opportunities are waiting for us to catch it up, but it is important that we have to make ourselves an opportunity to move up, to build more and to be happy.

Be ready for a new life……