Jobs need to be done by early morning

You guys might be an office based worker, a teacher or maybe a freelancer. But it doesn’t mean that we are all complete our works, every tasks we have set. We know what is the priority for us today, we will need to complete it and make it well. But, have we done something good for ourselves yet? Maybe, but not maybe. Here are some tasks that we might not done for ourselves in every morning:
1. Open the front door: We’ve spent our whole night sleep in our beloved bedroom with limit amount of oxygen and that make us feel a little tired, dizzy or feel unwell sleeping. What we have to do is open our front door to let the fresh air get into our house/room to increase to amount of oxygen in our beloved house.
2. Spend 15-20 minutes exercises: Doing exercise is really important for our health. It can makes our feel fresher and build up our body to be stronger and healthy. Exercise is a very tips to really warm-up our body and full-filled the energy for the day. We don’t need to do very heavy exercise though, simple exercise works well. Joggy around, doing some muscle warm-up or badminton is the best way for an office based worker like us.
3. 5 mknutes for our today objectives: After we finished our exercise, just spend 5 or 10 minutes to really look into our today objectives for our work and list it down. List down the most priority first at the top of the list and so on.
4. Freshen up with breakfast: After a 8 hours sleep, we need energies to start the day. Breakfast is really important and it is the best energy to start the day up with success. Eat our really good breakfast and have a cup of milk or coffee afterward.

These simple jobs that I listed above is what I really da in my everyday activities. In fact, we somehow cannot complete all of these jobs, but it’s just fine, because changing needs times.

For our healthy life and success in work, we have to change and we need changing.


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