First Post From My Windows Phone

While everyone, specially teenagers are trying to have or own an iPhone to show that they’re really stylish and wealthy. These are the main purpose of their having an iPhone.

To me, iPhone doesn’t impress me much, I like the phone that really help me, my work and make the job done. I don’t need to be stylish or fancy. Windows Phone has everything I want. Email, easy to use and stable that’s what I really need to replace my old BlackBerry phone which it is lack of support and stability.

To me, BlackBerry is more than just a phone, it is my long year friend but, man, I just have to change to another one which more efficiency than you and the Windows Phone is just the right spot. With Windows Phone I don’t need to spend $700 to have it, with my current Lumia 620, I just need to spend only $260 and everything will ready to go.

This is just my first impression of posting a topic from Windows Phone, with ease and stable.

I suggest everyone who really need a phone to support your work with reasonable cost, go with Windows Phone.

3 thoughts on “First Post From My Windows Phone

  1. បន្តែ, ខ្ញុំចេះតែប្រើ៉ របស់ អាផល់, ទាំង ទូរសព នឹង កំព្យូទ័រ។ ទម្លាប់មិនដឹង។

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