April Clouds in Ratanakiri; Time Lapse Video — វីដេអូ ភ្លៀង ព្យះ នោ ខេត្ត រតនគីរី

Very Nice Captured


I thought I’d post a quick video of some time lapse footage I’ve shot over the last week or so.

The sky here the last couple weeks has been incredible. April and May in Cambodia has always shown some amazing weather patterns. The kind of thunderstorm that would be all over the news in the States is basically a once-a-week occurrence. I’m sure a meteorologist would have some special explanation about moisture-laden air and cold fronts–I don’t know why the storms and clouds are so amazing, but it’s fun to look at.

So I wanted to share what our sky looks like pretty much every day…

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A Mysterious “Social Media” in Cambodia

During Facebook is now becoming more popular in Cambodia, especially Cambodian teenagers. There are others social medias that remain mysterious as well.


While Facebook is very popular for all Cambodian teenagers, LinkedIn became very strange and mysterious among those populations. So, what is LinkedIn?

“LinkedIn” is one of the most and active social media in the world beside Facebook, Twitter and it is very popular in a professional ways as well. LinkedIn is a professional social media for people who is care about works, sharing their experiences with the past or current jobs. With LinkedIn, you can find very useful topic to read and learn to apply in your job as well. Beside of these, people can also find job opportunities on LinkedIn as well. And that is my most favorite for LinkedIn.

If you want to really learning, and share new thing, new experiences that will be helpful, just go to LinkedIn’s website, register to be a member with free-of-charge and then you’ll see the differences between Facebook and LinkedIn.








The Worst New Year Ever—I hate it…

New year means happy time for each and everyone of us. I used to happy with it for more than 20 years already. But why this year I hate it?

Simple, but not easy to understand. This year is supposed to be another happy year for me. My currier is good, my life is okay because I already found my beloved one and already engaged, the health is good too, but there is 2 simple but serious things happened.

One, my second-sister is sick and now staying at the hospital for treatment which I don’t know how long she’ll stay there and how much money that we’ll pay for. This makes me very headache and not just me, but for the rest of the families are worrying about her illness.

Second and the most headache and painful for me. My fiancé is angry with me and no more believe in me because I make her feel lonely during this new year while I don’t actually have the new year for this year. I completely don’t have any ideas/clues to solve/fix this problem. This is not a new issue that we have, but this time it is really painful for me. It’s like you have been cut both feet and head. I’ve tried to fix it for the whole day but it end up with no result. I tried to SMS, call, messages to her many times, but I she didn’t reply me, not even one.

I have no friends, no joy, no feeling and no energy to do things right now. Cutting out both feet and head, you’ll have only one way to go,…is dead and I am dying now because of that.

I’ve been trying to balance between the family and her, it always end-up like this. Relationship is really complicated and I am really afraid of it now.

At this time in point, I am not dare to see her face, to talk to her or hold her hands like I used to. I can only stare into her picture in my phone and think, think and think. Think twice, triple…. but there is no clue for me at all. I’ve been ask myself, should I keep my sister at the hospital and go for away with her during new year, so that she won’t feel lonely anymore? or should I leave this problem behind and take care of my sister? Or what should I do?

At the end of the day, I cannot answer all of those questions. Not even one.

I hate new year and next year I won’t have any new year at all. I would rather stay at home, keep thinking and thinking to really see me.

I hate you, New Year!

Relationship Management

I’ve been working with have to fix and manage the relationship with customers for years now, but when it comes to me, I don’t know how to manage it at all.
Relationship never easy to be managed and control at all. At this time in point, I am facing a very big problem with my relationship which I don’t know how to fix it. It is my personal relationship. I’ve been trying to control it, to build it but the problems come along the way as well.

Ia there anyone who can share with me the solution how to fix this issues? I am stuck right now.