Leader or Boss?

Each and everyone of us studies so hard to get what we goaled for, a good job with good paid. To reaching a top position at our workplace is the thing that everyone of us want to be. But, to reach those point we have to be ready and prepared so many things.

Once we get there, not so many of us realize that we’re doing something which is not the favorable for our staffs. To become a good leader would never easy. It needs process and development. Many people are pretending that they have but in fact, they have nothing than just a “BOSS” attitude. So, why become a boss are so easy than becoming a good leader?

945898_488801974525588_119688186_nTake a look at above picture. This picture show us the differentiation between a “Boss” and a “Leader”.

A good Leader is a person/man who is really care about their staffs, works and work together to get the goal that he already set. He would work really hard with his staffs to get it and once he get it, he’ll celebrate it together with his staffs/partners. A good leader will knows his staffs so well. One more important point of a leader, he would never blame his staffs but always motivate, and fix the problem with skill.

Alright, look back to a “Boss” attitude. A boss mean the top man sitting above staffs. A man who’s always ask for result, demand for something with less support, less motivation and sometime “NO” motivation as well. A boss will blame you because you didn’t deliver the result and will never guide you because they are just busy with their stuffs and they will just sit behind your back, stare at you and your way of working.

To me, I don’t need that kind of “BOSS” but what I need is a “LEADER” who is always stay right next to me, guide me, help me fix problems, motivate me when I fails or success, celebrate the success together. To move forward the business we should think twice about becoming a “BOSS” or a “LEADER”. Which one should we choose is not depend what we want we to be but it will depends on what should we lead our people to become an icon.

It is just my personal opinion and I know sometimes it’s not right. But at least, I hope you guys learn some from this.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!