Things That All Companies Need To Be Fixed

Business is changing every seconds. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes up and sometime we face the decline. That’s the life of business. We cannot predict it.

When we’re running business or operating a company, we’ll face all of those issues which we’ll never escape or even fix it if we don’t know its insight. But no matter how much business/company we’re operating, we’ll face these simple issues/problems:

  1. Business Performance: It is the most important part because we cannot survive we cannot deliver the performance for our company. The performance down means we’re dying as well. But how can we drive it move upward? This though question will reflex to what are we doing to support and solve the issues. We should look back into 2 different ways: Our Marketing Plan and Our Staff. Do we really understand about our market situation, our opportunities, our issues? How about our internal staffs, do they understand the concepts of our marketing plan? Do they try enough to really deliver the number? Do they well understand about the product profiles?
  2. Human Resource: This is becoming a bigger problem if we are not care enough for our staffs and that become the part of HR department who really care about this issues, but it doesn’t mean that it is only HR who really need to care about this, but our managers should play a part of it too. Care our staffs more and they will happy more to make a miracle for our company.
  3. Give People A Chance: Believe me, no one will work for you if you never show them that they’ll get something better. Giving people a chance to really show themselves that they’re good and a part of our company. We need to make them think that they’re a part and an important part of the company. Give people to try something new, excitement and achievable. Do not left people behind or just think that they’re just our staffs.

That’s my experiences during this 4 years of my career and I reserve that many many companies are just thinking that they staffs are just staffs and that feeling making people move from one to another companies without any acceptable reasons.

To grow the business we need to take our staffs as an important part of our growing business.

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