Want or Need?

Many people, especially teenagers, they want to have so many things even they don’t have or earn the money by their own. They will try to demand what they wants from their parents.

So, why would they do that even if they know that they cannot afford it?

In this world, we live with these two words, “WANTS & NEEDS”. Sometimes we’re really hard to justify which one is our need and which one is just what we want to have. But no matter what it’d be, we should think twice before we decide to spend the money for the things we want or need to have.

 Want is what we really want to have not matter what it is and no matter what the purpose of having those materials

Need is much different. When we need to have something, we might already set a very specific goal, expectation or even strategy. In need, before we decide to buy those device or material, we will double think about the cost and benefits that those materials or devices will bring to us. For example, as graphic designer, we really need to have a fast computer with high graphic performance to handle the 3D graphic design. If we don’t have those kind of computer then our job will be slow down or even lag of success.

Need is what really need to support our specific purpose or actions. It will describe our mind and our goal what we really need those device to support or boost our success.

This is just an idea on how we choose an appropriate device to really fit our needs and wants. This topic might have some good and bad points but this is what I observed. I hope you guys will give me idea or comments.

A smart person, they will just buy things based on what they really need the most.


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