” I Miss You, Sis”


Living mean you need to accept something that could happen unexpected. I have raised in a medium-low income family with father is a teacher, mother is a farmer and I have 4 sisters and brother.

Since I was born, I rarely to have a fancy life like some of you here had. As a farmer, my mother worked really hard to assure that her children got educated and no child will left behind those education curtain. She worked without thinking night or day or even no holiday for her.

To show the respect and the efforts that she contributed, we are children, we try to study really hard without any extra demand. I used to spend 7500 riel per week for both study and everyday life assurance. I rode a bike 10km a day to school and spent nearly 12 hours at school. I never tasted good food, all I had was grilled fish and cold-white rice which I cooked and packed it myself. That was my childhood life look like.

Since such a little boy until was 18 years old, I stay with my 2nd big sister. My sister was a teacher, she was so kind, but she was not an easy sister to understand then. Sometime she shouted at me, sometime she fought with me. But I never felt any guilty because I knew, to live with each other we need to live in that way better than not saying anything then the problems becoming bigger and bigger.

In 2002, I left my mother, my beloved sisters and brother to Hanoi, Vietnam for a 6-year university study. In 2009, I came back but I wasn’t spent enough time with them because I need to continue my journey by started my career. I always go to visit them on any occasions such as Holidays or new year. We was so happy, everyone was smiling and laughing. We had party, drank some beers, dancing so on so forth.

But came to 2012, my 2nd big sister started to get her first symptom of her illness – diabetes. She treated but the disease was not controlled. Diabetes was there, she began to show another symptom – lung TB. Then the doctor started to treated with TB medication. During the Khmer New Year, I went to visit her and I brought her to emergency at Calmette Hospital, then went to IHC in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Then doctor said, ” your sister is diagnosed with Metastasis liver cancer. Nothing left we can do for her.” When I heard this news, I was like the whole sky is falling down on me. The sister that used to live with nearly the most of my life, the sister that used to motivated and help both in ideas, and financial is now leaving me without any returns. I felt hopeless and idealess. I just sit and try to smile in front of her face, tried to tell her that you’ll be alright sis while everything could happen to here without any expected.

One and a half month later after we came back from Ho Chi Minh city, she died with tears of her 4-young-daughter and four of sisters and brothers. Before she left, she told me her last words, “Sophea, brother, I need you promise me one thing, please taking a good care of my daughters, let them study and guide them to have  good life. Please support them no matter what situation is. Promise me brother!” That’s the only thing I heard from her and I will never hear her sound again and forever.

Until now, each time I see my nieces’s faces, my tears are falling because they just remind me of what her mother told me to taking care of them. How could God treat a people like that? She just wanted to life and stay with her daughters, just want to see her daughters graduated, get married and she just wanted to see her grandchildren then. But those dreams will never becoming true, because everything disappeared. All I have now is just a memories which I will never forget until I die.

At this time, I just want to tell you each and everyone that, please love your families and do anything good for them as much as you can.



Live With Dreaming


People always thinking and dreaming. These two elements become the most important part of our life. We cannot living without thinking nor dreaming. We dream and try for it. We’re always try our best to make those dream becoming true.

What is your dream?


How To Know That Your Child Is Infected by Rotavirus?

In my previous post, i mentioned about diarrhea caused by Rotavirus, a very serious disease. Today I am going to share with you on how to know if your child get infected by Rotavirus.

As I mentioned, Rotavirus is a very serious and very contagious disease. It can spreads from person to person easily even you have a very good hygiene condition. Clean water and good hygiene or sanitation can not prevent your child from Rotavirus at all.

Young babies is the most common population get infected with Rotavirus. Once your child reach their 3 months of age, they’ll have highest percent tag of getting infected by Rotavirus. At this age, your child might start to know how to grab or hold something near their hands and put their hands into their mouth. They might incidentally swallow some parthicles of Rotavirus. Please remember that, just only 10 or 100 particles of rotavirus, it can causes the symptoms of disease – severe watery-diarrhea.

So, what are the sign/symptoms that you might see?

Rotavirus causes severe watery-diarrhea with up to 10 episodes a day and that can leads to severe dehydration and you child might need to admit to hospital for a appropriate treatment. They might experiences of these signs/symptoms:

  • Watery-diarrhea up to 20 episodes a day
  • Irritability – you child might not play nor smile but they might cry, feel sleepy
  • Lost appetite – they might not feel any hungry to drink their milk or eating their food and even drinking water
  • Lost their weight – losing their weight
  • Dry skin – this is the complication on lost a lot of water/fluid in their body. If they didn’t add enough water they could die easily
  • Fever – it could have some fever, but this is not common.

These above signs/symptoms can tell you that your child is infected rotavirus and you need to bring your child to visit their pediatrician as soon as possible to get controlled these signs/symptoms.

The signs/symptoms might prolong up to 8 days, and during these days you child is the host of rotavirus and he/she can spreads to other healthy children around your house.

There is not specific medicines/drugs or antibiotic/antiviral medicines to treatment rotavirus. VACCINE AND VACCINATION IS THE ONLY WAY THAT CAN ASSURE THAT YOUR CHILDREN IS PROTECTED FROM ROTAVIRUS.


Rotavirus Disease – A Mysterious Disease Among Cambodian People

Did you know that 527 000 children aged <5 years die each year from vaccine-preventable rotavirus infections; most of these children live in low-income countries?


Each and everyday, Cambodian children, especially children under 5 years are facing dangerous diseases which other countries offering good preventive strategies – vaccination.

In Cambodia, more than 56% of children under 5 years are getting infected with Rotavirus disease, and have to admitted hospital for treatment while most of the parents are not aware of this severity of this disease. Studies show that, children got diarrhea caused by Rotavirus at least one episode in their life time and children aged from 6-11 months of age are the most common.

Preventive strategy by vaccinated children against Rotavirus disease because no matter where your children are, no matter how hygiene is your children have, they still can get infected by Rotavirus. Hygiene may good for preventing children from other infectious diseases but it still cannot help your children from getting infected by Rotavirus. Thus, vaccination is the only strategy that can assure that your children are protected.

To all parents who have young babies aged from 6 weeks to 6 months, please ask your pediatricians for rotavirus vaccine to vaccinate them from this sever disease.


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Eating Disease

People eating for living. We eating because we are hungry, we want to live and we need energy to do some tasks.

10 years ago, eating behavior in Cambodia are so traditional. We eat for living day by day. We rarely to care which food should I get today, which meal should I prepare for my family today. We barely to have those kind of questions at that time. But what we have is what do I have for eat today? This mean, we don’t have much choice for eating because our economic was very poor and difficult that time.

But it is changing now in Cambodia. A few years earlier, many restaurants are opening with good service and high quality of food. People are enjoying their eating. Now we have KFC, Master Suki Soup, Pizza World, Pizza Company, BBWorld….

People are enjoying their eating without thinking anything. They think eating is no harm, but in fact, they are underestimating eating. More Cambodian people are over weight, more hypertension disease occurring, more diabetes disease, more strokes so on so forth are happening everyday single day of our life.

Why would those diseases happen? Because they eat anything they see, they eat anything without anything thinking and they like to show their big-fat-belly because they think big belly means they’re wealthy and rich. But they are wrong, they are killing themselves with their own money then.

Eating, now in Cambodia become a disease already and there is no medicine for treatment this disease at all. PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL WITH THE FOOD YOU’RE EATING

Why iPad Is Good for Business

There are so many tablets out there in the market but most of then are targeted for multimedia such as music, videos and games. Some of those are targeted for budget saving, some for teenagers, some for schools, some for just phone and social media connection. I barely hard to find a perfect tablet for my business then. Very wide range of tablets to choose which blowing up my mind.
But come to an end, I decided to get an iPad foe my business and personal uses. Why? Because there is only the iPad that really support my exchange email without any doubt, its OS is secure and it is run smoothly if compare to other Android tablets out there in the market.
But there is one thing that keeping me from buying it at this time because the brand new iPad will be released to the market very soon. I don’t like the big-heavy of iPad 4 right now and I also don’t like the weak-small of the iPad mini anyway.
So let’s wait a little while. But no matter what it will be, iPad is the perfect tablet for business in anyways.

Why Cambodia Didn’t Introduce New EPI Vaccines?

Extended Program on Immunization or EPI is the only program that provides FREE vaccines and vaccination to all Cambodian children no matter who it is and no matter where they’re living. This is the only program to help millions of children’s life and it is become a part of country’s policy as well as some politician party’s policy as well.

But how many vaccines are currently available for EPI right now? How many vaccines that currently Cambodian’s EPI has?

Well, that’s a tough question then. Before we judge anyone or any political parties, we should think about the price that our country, our government need to pay for that vaccine. Luckily, currently, for developing country like us, Cambodia, we have a very huge organization which is ready to pay with biggest shared with our government budge for that vaccines. But sure, unless we come up with a very comprehensive proposal in terms of price, cost and benefits.

Currently in the world they have introduced so many vaccines for both pediatric, children and for adolescents as well.

For pediatric or children age under 5 years they have:

  1. Pneumococcal vaccines
  2. Rotavirus vaccines
  3. Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella vaccines
  4. Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio vaccines
  5. Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B vaccines
  6. Yellow fever vaccines
  7. Meningococcal vaccines
  8. Hib vaccines

For adolescents they have:

  1. Cervical cancer vaccines
  2. Zoster vaccines
  3. Hepatitis B vaccines

* Some vaccines can be used for both pediatrics and adolescents.

That’s a very long list of vaccines that available in both EPIs and private market. But look into our EPI list? How many vaccines do we have? I bet we can just count it on our fingers then.

Currently our EPI as only:

  1. Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis B, Hib vaccines
  2. Measles

Now you can see that our list is just too short if compare to the above list. So, what’s happening here? Why we cannot introduce more vaccines so that every children get protected against diseases that we can protect by vaccines? Why we cannot just spend 10% of our country annual budget for new vaccines?

That’s always a BIG question mark (?) that I always have in my head and I would never understand about the issue as well.

No matter which political party is going to rule the country, but I beg our government, please have a look and have a clear visibility on this please. Unless you cannot provide a very good protection to your next generation people, so don’t expect that they will healthy enough to develop country.

Please Introduce More Vaccines for Cambodian Children, please!!!!