Technology and Life

Since Steve Jobs reinstated into Apple Inc in 2000, technology has created another pages and it also become a disease to a lot of people who addicted.

Technology help life become better, help people to finish their jobs in the way that we never thought before and it also help so many people to succeed in their business as well. Imagine that we don’t have computers and printers at the office, how will we finish our everyday tasks? I cannot imagine at all. It is now become a part of my working and everyday life and it is also a disease as well.

Technology can do everything that we can’t never imagine. It can control the cars, houses or even the world. It is the fast way to send and receive or share the news to each and everyone around the globe without any problem.

In Cambodia, the concepts of using technology in day-to-day work was just boomed in the late 2000s while the numerous computers imported with very affordable price.  Now even a small café, or shop along the roadside along have a computer to help their cashier. How cool it is!

If you are going around Phnom Penh, you’ll see numerous of large LED screen installed and advertising very high quality clips. This is also another new way to bring the new product, new services to reach the people.

Computer technology would never stop their growing in a developing country such as Cambodia even it is now mature already in developed countries like The States. It is now changing the mindset of Cambodian people on communicating and running their business as well.

I don’t know everyone think about this, but it is really changing my life and I cannot live without it as well.


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