Eating Disease

People eating for living. We eating because we are hungry, we want to live and we need energy to do some tasks.

10 years ago, eating behavior in Cambodia are so traditional. We eat for living day by day. We rarely to care which food should I get today, which meal should I prepare for my family today. We barely to have those kind of questions at that time. But what we have is what do I have for eat today? This mean, we don’t have much choice for eating because our economic was very poor and difficult that time.

But it is changing now in Cambodia. A few years earlier, many restaurants are opening with good service and high quality of food. People are enjoying their eating. Now we have KFC, Master Suki Soup, Pizza World, Pizza Company, BBWorld….

People are enjoying their eating without thinking anything. They think eating is no harm, but in fact, they are underestimating eating. More Cambodian people are over weight, more hypertension disease occurring, more diabetes disease, more strokes so on so forth are happening everyday single day of our life.

Why would those diseases happen? Because they eat anything they see, they eat anything without anything thinking and they like to show their big-fat-belly because they think big belly means they’re wealthy and rich. But they are wrong, they are killing themselves with their own money then.

Eating, now in Cambodia become a disease already and there is no medicine for treatment this disease at all. PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL WITH THE FOOD YOU’RE EATING


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