How To Know That Your Child Is Infected by Rotavirus?

In my previous post, i mentioned about diarrhea caused by Rotavirus, a very serious disease. Today I am going to share with you on how to know if your child get infected by Rotavirus.

As I mentioned, Rotavirus is a very serious and very contagious disease. It can spreads from person to person easily even you have a very good hygiene condition. Clean water and good hygiene or sanitation can not prevent your child from Rotavirus at all.

Young babies is the most common population get infected with Rotavirus. Once your child reach their 3 months of age, they’ll have highest percent tag of getting infected by Rotavirus. At this age, your child might start to know how to grab or hold something near their hands and put their hands into their mouth. They might incidentally swallow some parthicles of Rotavirus. Please remember that, just only 10 or 100 particles of rotavirus, it can causes the symptoms of disease – severe watery-diarrhea.

So, what are the sign/symptoms that you might see?

Rotavirus causes severe watery-diarrhea with up to 10 episodes a day and that can leads to severe dehydration and you child might need to admit to hospital for a appropriate treatment. They might experiences of these signs/symptoms:

  • Watery-diarrhea up to 20 episodes a day
  • Irritability – you child might not play nor smile but they might cry, feel sleepy
  • Lost appetite – they might not feel any hungry to drink their milk or eating their food and even drinking water
  • Lost their weight – losing their weight
  • Dry skin – this is the complication on lost a lot of water/fluid in their body. If they didn’t add enough water they could die easily
  • Fever – it could have some fever, but this is not common.

These above signs/symptoms can tell you that your child is infected rotavirus and you need to bring your child to visit their pediatrician as soon as possible to get controlled these signs/symptoms.

The signs/symptoms might prolong up to 8 days, and during these days you child is the host of rotavirus and he/she can spreads to other healthy children around your house.

There is not specific medicines/drugs or antibiotic/antiviral medicines to treatment rotavirus. VACCINE AND VACCINATION IS THE ONLY WAY THAT CAN ASSURE THAT YOUR CHILDREN IS PROTECTED FROM ROTAVIRUS.



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