Why Kunthabopha Hospital Operates by A Foreigner Doctor?

Kunthabopha Hospital is the only pediatric hospital in Cambodia which treat Cambodian children without charge any cost, not even for medicine. I am not sure when did this hospital established, but since I was born until now, I only know that this hospital operates by a Swiss pediatrician, Dr. Beat Richner.

Dr. Beat Richner has been working at Kunthabopha for many decades. His first started as a pediatrician in 1973 and sent to work at Kunthabophay by Swiss Red Cross. Until now, he’s still working here and he’s the only person who really put his heart to help Cambodian children who suffered from illness. After the Khmer Rough, Kunthabopha has treated Cambodian children for more than 10 million children and 85% of Cambodian children who got sick.

Dr. Beat Richner and a healthy child at Kunthabopha Hospital

Currently, Kunthabopha hospital spend US$120, 000 everyday for treating children without any benefit, Dr. Beat Richner is the only person who find the fund. He used to organized many activities to raise the fund.

Why should a foreign doctor put his heart on helping Cambodian children instead of Cambodian doctors/people? Why don’t any Cambodian people can help to raise the fund while they spend so much money on buying cars, houses, pretty girls or any funny stuffs?

Those questions always appear in my head. There are a lot of companies in Cambodia. There are a lot of rich people here in Cambodia.

Imagine if there are 5,000 rich people with annual income is $10,000, if they can just donate US$10 of their income per month, so the fund will be: 5,000 x $10 x 12 = $600,000 per year. This could be enough to help cure Cambodian children without any worries then.

Imagine if they can donate more, I think Cambodian children will much better.

Please everyone, please take a look at this certain level of our beloved children then.

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