Why Do Apple iPhone Still Popular?

Everyone, every teenagers and every businessmen are still keeping their eyes on Apple’s products, especially, iPhones. Since launched until now, iPhone is the most successful smart phones ever introduced to the market.

So, why do people still dream to own an iPhone?

To understand the customer’s mindset would never be easy, but to understand them in a simple way would always be easier. Most of the customers are wanted that iPhone, especially teenagers. They might not actually need it, but the wants are always the most powerful factor to generate the consideration. They want an iPhone because:

  1. An iPhone are always the blow-your-mind smart phone ever. The first time you see an iPhone, the day that you will fall in love with it without any idea. The elegant unibody, screen resolution and the gorgeous metallic design are always the factor that make people choose an iPhone over any other smart phones.
  2. Software ecosystem – iOS is the most advance system for smart phone and you can only find it on the iDevices only. There will be no any other devices that can run iOS beside Apple’s iDevices. With thousands of apps, and games, you can just download the apps that you need and enjoy the day with your iPhone without any doubt.
  3. E-mails on the go – iOS support with almost any kind of email app client from basic Yahoo to Exchange mail. With just a few simple taps, you will have your email inbox update any time, any place and anywhere you go.
  4. Projector – imagine that you can project your presentation from you smart phone, how easy it would be. Almost there is no any smart phone can do like that.

These 4 major factors are just based on my consumptions only and I do believe that there’re many more factors that can make people choose an iPhone over others.