Cambodian and Christmas

It’s seem like yesterday, but it’s almost a year already. Christmas for this year is very different from previous years.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s one of the biggest holiday for foreign people like Americans, European, and any other Christians, but not for Buddhism. This year in Cambodia, Christmas looks very happy, busy and active.

To be honest, I don’t know how many percent of Cambodian people are Christians, and also don’t know how many are Chinese then. Why? Because when Chinese new year arrived, it was almost Cambodian people are celebrate it. And this year, when Christmas arrives, they also celebrate Christmas, especially, teenagers. I don’t know why would they do that, is it for fun only? Yes maybe, because they’re celebrating Christmas without knowing of its meaning. If you have time to ask them, “what’s Christmas? Why do it?”, I could assure that just very small population that really know and understand its’ meaning.

Anyway, happy holidays everyone.


64 bit — Do We Really Need It?

Apple is the only company who always make us surprise by their new innovation and creative ideas. Recently, they released an unthinkable mobile CPU with the brand new architecture, 64bit architecture.

Speaking about 64bit CPU architecture, we already knew about this years ago with Intel’s CPUs, but bringing 64bit CPU into level of mobile devices is still the things that no one thought about.

This is a good move for Apple, but the question is, do we really need that 64bit CPU in our mobile device?

Currently, not so many people are really care about this architecture because most of the applications that we’re using either on our laptop or desktop were design to work both in 32 and 64bit. We rarely to see any different in terms of speed, calculation and algorithm if we are just entry-users.

In fact, 32bit architecture is still enough for entry users like you, and me while we are mainly use for simple works like emails, word processing…

At the mean time, it is just not 64bit era on mobile yet and 32bit is just enough for you complete and finish your works without any doubt.

Neighbor Countries and Foreign Languages

Why we need to learn? Why we have to learn more and more? Why we need to read?

These are questions that people around me asked me about because they saw me read, read and read every minute I am home or free time from my works. One thing that they were really surprised because they rarely to see me read Khmer news. Why?

To answer to this question, I asked them back. ” Do you believe in Khmer newspaper? How many percent that you believe in them and their writing?”. Honestly, I cannot find any Khmer newspaper which really faire writing and faire judgment at all. My English is not so good, so the first choice that I always read is Vietnamese Newspaper, I would love to read in Thai language too but I didn’t know any words of it, so Vietnamese newspaper is my first choice.

They also asked me, why Vietnamese? Don’t you hate them?

To be honest, we’re human kinds, we don’t have to hate each other unless we’ve done wrong. I read Vietnamese newspaper because I want to know what are they saying or writing about our country, our people, our economic and everything.


So, people, please do not judge people on what they’re doing, but judge them based on what they’ve brought or result that they’ve made.