First step to start your saving plan

“Money Saving Plan”

“Saving” is always the problem for each and everyone of us. Everyone will face this kind of issue while we’ve tried to work a lot, but the income we was not enough to pay the bills. 

There are many step of saving money during economic crisis. Economic is starting to regain its place in growing step by step, but the income that we’ve made was not enough if compare to price of the goods in the market. 

To share the idea and practices I had on how to saving money. It might not 100% fit, but at least, it could give you an idea to start your saving plan.

“First step” of saving plan is try to list down everything, anything you’ve bought for the first month. List down every single thing you’ve bought, from the cheapest to the most expensive one. Food, drinks, electric city, internet fee, and gasoline. Include them all. 

Why would we do that? We list everything is aim to see where our money goes, to really understand where we were spend the money. After one month of listing every down, you’ll see where the money was spend the most, so that you’ll have an appropriate action for it.