What All Managers Should Not Missed

The growth of a business is coming from the contribution of all employees, not any individual contributions. Working as team is really important for the growth of the business.

Each and every companies has its own leader or manager who has huge responsibility and ability to grow the business to achieve the goal. To achieve the goal, a leader or manager need to remember this:

1. Celebration the success with all the employees — Sharing the success with team is the most important thing for any leaders or managers to get to know their staffs and be close with them and understand their concerns and fix those concerns properly. This is not just having fun with them, but it is about sharing.

2. Get to know your staffs and be closed with them — A comments or suggestion from staffs are very important to strengthen the business plan, and more importantly is to grow the business and achieve the ambition that already set.

3. Treat people fairly — Be fair and treat them as your treat yourself. Staffs are just like the wheels of a car, the moment the wheels are flatted, or broken, the car will cannot be moved.

4. Development plan for your staffs and business — This is very important for you to keep your staffs works for you for a long time period. People always has their own ambitious and that ambition will be feed by the plan that you have for them. Develop a specific plan for each and individual of them and build them based on their talents. They will never forget you and will keep themselves to work for you as long as they still breath.

5. Longer term vision — Business is feeding by Invest, harvest and repeat the process. To keep your business or company exist in the market, long term strategies are very important. Normally, 5 to 10 years plan is commonest.

These are just what I have learned from my 5-years working experiences and I believe that these would give you some ideas to build a better working environment as well as successful business.

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