High School Students and Common Mistakes

It’s almost 10 years already that I graduated from high school life. This 10 years taught me a lot and also let me to realize something which I believe most of Cambodian high school students make.

There is no student’s life are happier than high school life. We played, we studied, we compete, we learned and also made some mistakes such below:

  1. Lack of identify of what we need the most – What we used to do at that time was just how to get high score and best recognition while forgotten to realized what we really needs for our future. This created a lot of complication after during our national BAC II exam as well as at university life.
  2. Lack of social knowledge with quality – Social knowledge is very important to really understand the position of ourselves. Social knowledge will helps us to understand why we should choose that subject for our next step at the university and why we should try harder. Currently a lot of students are happy of what they’re having but they forget something that what they’re having is more than 60% are useless and waste of their time and could potentially cause an unexpected result when they step into university.
  3. Too much fun – Teenager means fun and that fun could make something remarkable and unforgettable life as well. Looking back to 2014 BAC II national exam, just only 25% passed the 1st exam. What’s happening? This mean our teenagers are having too much fun and they used their everyday time to fulfill their fun more than they class and reading their lesson for the exam.

This are some mistakes that based on my own experiences and also based on the real situation that’s happening right now in our high school student’s life. Might be some of those mistakes are not real or even over, and I would apologies to all those good students that they can make their goal and their everyone jobs very good and those could be admire.

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