2014 Access To Medicine Ranking

2014 The Access to Medicine Index

There are thousands of pharmaceutical companies around the world, but not all of them are doing great in terms of contribute to reach more patients.

Access to Medicine Index is an independent initiative that ranks the world’s 20 largest research-based pharmaceutical companies according to their efforts to improve access to medicine in 106 low- to middle-income countries [1].

The Access to Medicine Index is published every two years by the Access to Medicine Foundation, an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving access to medicine for people in need and receives financial support from donors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs [1].

This year ranking have been just published and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a winner of 2012 ranking, now they won it again with #1 ranking. GSK have done a great job in order to bring more access to medicine, especially at least developing countries like Cambodia, Laos, and African countries.

This UK giant pharmaceutical company make it best quality products available in those countries at a very affordable price. In Cambodia, GSK introduce and selling huge range of products from pharma to vaccines and consumer healthcare.

GSK is one of the giant pharmaceutical companies that invest in improving healthcare service and healthcare infrastructures. GSK returns 20% of its annual profit to build healthcare centers, healthcare services and improve the capability of healthcare professionals. Since 2008 till now, GSK built 3 healthcare centers in Cambodia, and help reduce the new born mortality babies. This is a good contribution and not so many company here in Cambodia doing this. Thanks to GSK and its contributions.

“Sinlaku” Typhoon will hits Vietnam and Cambodia this Weekend

Think Differently

Sinlaku stormFollowing the rounds of tropical downpours across the Philippines, danger now aims for Vietnam and Cambodia for the weekend. AccuWeather

This is an information to all Cambodian people who planned for weekend picnic, travelling or going to abroad. Be mindful with this situation and have a good preparation.

The storm will hits up north Cambodia and rain drop will cover most areas from middle to west Cambodia.

Keep on eye on this people.

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“Sinlaku” Typhoon will hits Vietnam and Cambodia this Weekend

Sinlaku stormFollowing the rounds of tropical downpours across the Philippines, danger now aims for Vietnam and Cambodia for the weekend. AccuWeather

This is an information to all Cambodian people who planned for weekend picnic, travelling or going to abroad. Be mindful with this situation and have a good preparation.

The storm will hits up north Cambodia and rain drop will cover most areas from middle to west Cambodia.

Keep on eye on this people.

Gain the Pie or Increase Pie Share?

Doing business is competing with others. In an open market like Cambodia, we need to do things aggressively and make sure that we are safe a position that we’re standing. To grow the business, we might think of increase market share, by getting more share from competitors. But there are some companies, they thinks a different way. They ask themselves whether they “should increase the pie or gain the pie”. What’s the different between these two?

Increase Pie or Increase the Market Share is a traditional and quick win strategy. With this business purpose, they would anything to make sure their pie is increase and sometimes, they compromising some risks to get their goal. A lot of companies are stick with this strategy. To increase the pie, sometimes they have to do things unethical or noncompliance. In Cambodia, most of companies are trying to beats their competitors by using resources that sometimes they knows that it is not legal. Doing business by stick with this strategy, sometime, it is not long-term business, because competitors they would find the way to defend, to increase their pie as well and once our company don’t have enough resources to support that strategy, we would definitely lose the share and we’ll really hard to get it back. Increase pie share is not long-term business strategy, in my purpose. Classic example of increase the pie strategy is “Browser” market share. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, they are fighting with each other to increase their market share in horizontal way. If IE’s market share increase, then Firefox will be decline. They keeping fighting each other in this way and both sites will suffer.

Gaining Pie from other Sources, looking for other opportunities to gain our pie is very important. Opportunity is out there, but we just need to explore, pick it up, polish it and make it shine. Gaining pie strategy is more likely on expand our business to more area, more customers. This is long-term business strategy. We need to invest, we need to explore and expand. There is a few companies in Cambodia that using this strategy, one of which is GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). GSK is trying to do things which other pharmaceutical companies would never imagine. GSK invest in developing healthcare system, by building healthcare centers, training healthcare professionals (HCPs) and increase access to medicine by reducing the price so that people can get the GSK’s quality products. In result, they grows consistently even they have some obstacles along the way. Now their pie is getting bigger and bigger in vertical. This example picture will show what “gaining pie” strategy would look like.

There are so many strategy to run a business, but those only fit if your business plan is fit to what your purpose is. At the end of the day, no matter which strategy you will choose, you’re the only one who’ll responsible for your own business.

Long-term business, result would never come easily, but it would come with reputation and respect. Short-term business is a war.

Cambodia: Teenagers vs. Traffic Law

Speaking about Cambodia, I just have so many things to share with you, both positive and negative points. In general, I will mention more on negative points to drive more attention from everyone, including authorities.

With the speed of economic grow like nowadays, children are growing too fast if compare to my generation. People who was born during 1980s downwards, growing to meet the standard is just a miracle. Not enough food, no clean water, not enough protein and even clothes, are the main barres for children’s growth. People at my generation or older, they grow very slow and skinny. But look at nowadays children, they’re growing too fast. Just 12 or 14 years old, their high is already 160 cm to 170 cm. The speed of growth in those children could brings some negative points to the society.

Today I only bring one little negative to discuss, “Level of understanding and obey the traffic law of teenagers”.

If you ride a bike or drive a car along the road, you would see so many teenagers who aged around 15-20 years old ride their motorbike with incredible speed and helmet-less. Normal, Cambodia’s traffic law states, “in the city or crowded area, the speed is limited to 40km/h”. But look back to what our teenagers are driving is faster than 50km/h by compromising any risk that waiting for them.

No helmet, no rear mirror, high speed are disobey the law is the thing you might see. I truly do not understand why, but maybe because of these reasons:

– No helmet because helmet is the hair-style-killer, perhaps they loves their hair style than their life. Wearing helmet is very important  and also help you to reduce some injuries if incidentally you’ve got accident. Helmet will protect your skull and brain from getting injured and dead.

– Some teenagers thinks that wearing helmet and slow driving make  them not look “COOL”, they’re compromising and risk their life for that new way of living. This is a suicide action and I don’t know when will they understanding and take care of themselves a bit better. This behaviors will never make you look “cooler” or “more handsome or cute” but it is killing yourself. Wake up kids.

– “Drive fast, and obey the traffic law make me look braver in front of my girlfriend”, this is even more serious and danger. Do not do that. It won’t make you  look braver, in contrast, you’re killing yourself and your girlfriend. Drive safe is best for you and her.

There are just so many things happen on the road. First time for a foreigners who come to visit Cambodia, they will surprise and will says, “WOW! These people is driving like crazy, this country is so unorganized and outlaw”. As a Cambodian citizen and as Cambodia’s next generation, how would feel if you hear that? I personally feel very ashamed.

Cambodia: Money, Power and Corruptions

Cambodia is a small country in South-East Asia, with the population of 15 millions and it is also the country that gone through so many civil wars during 1960s and 1970s.

In the past few decades, Cambodia has been trying to freedom up itself and also develop to become a country of freedom and regain its well-know as an Empire during 11th or 12th century.

Problems are happening along the way of improving, changing and developing. Currently, Cambodia proves to the world that it can make a different. However there are many problems existing which could potentially stop Cambodia from being develop or open its new era.

People are hungry to be rich in different ways, being rich is nothing wrong and trying to being rich is also nothing wrong at all, but the way they’re getting rich or making themselves rich is the matter. In Cambodia, people are trying to be rich by any means, any ways because once they are rich, they could do anything they want with no remorse, no judgement. We can say that, “money” is rulings Cambodia at any means necessaries. Rich people are using their money to buy lands, homes, islands, or even power. They believe that “money” is the God.

Power is more powerful than God, people who are rich, they will get the power and they would use that power to rule everything at any means. Power can change from black to white, wrong to right, illegal to legal, beautiful to ugly…etc. Cambodian people are more likely to use their power to gain their influence. In a society that power is ruling everything like Cambodia, the person who don’t have any power or simple person will just try to keep quiet and live with fear. People believes, “power is ruling everything even God”.

Corruption is everywhere in Cambodia, from school to government, corruption is growing very well and stands very strong in the way it is. Cambodian people loves to have power and money, those two things generates “corruption”. Nearly 100% at government sectors, public workplaces, or ministries, corruption still exist and it is still growing quite good. Many Cambodian people believes that “corruptions” could help the process or progressions of registering, or running a business faster with short time frame.

These three important negative points that existing in Cambodia right now, could harm this little country to become one of the most corruptions and violation in the world. Those will leads to stop or delay the investment of some multinational companies that they want to invest in Cambodia. Thus, the economic will be stuck at one place and people are still poor.