Cambodia: Money, Power and Corruptions

Cambodia is a small country in South-East Asia, with the population of 15 millions and it is also the country that gone through so many civil wars during 1960s and 1970s.

In the past few decades, Cambodia has been trying to freedom up itself and also develop to become a country of freedom and regain its well-know as an Empire during 11th or 12th century.

Problems are happening along the way of improving, changing and developing. Currently, Cambodia proves to the world that it can make a different. However there are many problems existing which could potentially stop Cambodia from being develop or open its new era.

People are hungry to be rich in different ways, being rich is nothing wrong and trying to being rich is also nothing wrong at all, but the way they’re getting rich or making themselves rich is the matter. In Cambodia, people are trying to be rich by any means, any ways because once they are rich, they could do anything they want with no remorse, no judgement. We can say that, “money” is rulings Cambodia at any means necessaries. Rich people are using their money to buy lands, homes, islands, or even power. They believe that “money” is the God.

Power is more powerful than God, people who are rich, they will get the power and they would use that power to rule everything at any means. Power can change from black to white, wrong to right, illegal to legal, beautiful to ugly…etc. Cambodian people are more likely to use their power to gain their influence. In a society that power is ruling everything like Cambodia, the person who don’t have any power or simple person will just try to keep quiet and live with fear. People believes, “power is ruling everything even God”.

Corruption is everywhere in Cambodia, from school to government, corruption is growing very well and stands very strong in the way it is. Cambodian people loves to have power and money, those two things generates “corruption”. Nearly 100% at government sectors, public workplaces, or ministries, corruption still exist and it is still growing quite good. Many Cambodian people believes that “corruptions” could help the process or progressions of registering, or running a business faster with short time frame.

These three important negative points that existing in Cambodia right now, could harm this little country to become one of the most corruptions and violation in the world. Those will leads to stop or delay the investment of some multinational companies that they want to invest in Cambodia. Thus, the economic will be stuck at one place and people are still poor.

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