When You Are in Cambodia: Things You Need To Know

Cambodia is small country in South East Asia. Not so many people knows this country for a few decades. Cambodia gone through so many civil war and genocide during 1970s that killed more than 2 million Cambodian people.

Nowadays, Cambodia is open its heart to the world and everyone can come and visit this small and beautiful country. A lot of tourist places that you might need to see, one of those beautiful places is Angkor Wat, which is one of the most famous Wonders in world.

Come to security and safety, Cambodia is doing its best to ensure that every tourists who come and visit will be secured and safe. But as you might know, there is not place is safe in this world. And here are something that you need to know when you’re in Cambodia:

  1. Thief, and Robbery: When you step foot into Cambodia, you need to make sure that every important stuffs that you’re holding are in a proper place and secured. Even though Cambodia is free and safe place to visit, but those thieves and robberies are happening everyday, especially at night time. They could takes it from you with just a second. Wallets, motorbikes, cameras, phones and your jewelries are the target .To avoid any loses, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR IMPORTANT STUFFS ARE IN A SAFE AND SECURED PLACE.
  2. Traveling and Traffic: With just 15 millions population, Cambodia is also the country that have high percent tag of people dies because of traffic accident, over speed driving and other accident related to driving. In average, 3 to 6 people die because of those accident. No light on the road, overloaded trucks, over speed drive, high alcohol concentration in blood and disobey traffic law are the most common cause of the death. When you come to visit Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh, you’ll see people drives like crazy. BE MORE CAREFUL WHEN YOU TRY TO PASS ANY ROADS IN  PHNOM PENH AS WELL AS ANY ROADS IN CAMBODIA.
  3. Food and Beverages: You can find any kind of food here in Cambodia, from European to Australian or even African food. So many restaurants that offers those recipes, but not all of them are offers good quality food and beverages. If you want to try some local traditional recipes, you can go to Khmer-Thai restaurant, Khmer recipe at AEON Mall… etc. And if you want to try some European recipes, you can go to Fish & Co, Riverhouse, …. etc. Those restaurants provide you the food with good quality and safe. Beverage is also the concerns as well. A lot of illegal import from neighborhood countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and quality is not well control. Some beverages are under quality and some. Just choose the beverages which well-know and you believe in. YOU NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL IN CHOOSING FOOD AND BEVERAGE TO AVOID ANY HEALTH PROBLEMS.
  4. Dirty road and No sidewalk: Cambodia is a developing country, dirty roads, smoking roads is what you will expect to see. People are using sidewalk to run their businesses and you barely to find the sidewalk. Very different from European countries or some countries in Asia. PREPARED YOUR FACE MASK AND WET TISSUES IF YOU IF YOU WANT TO WALK AROUND THE CITIES.

These are just somethings that you might see and you might need to prepare if you are in Cambodia or if you’re planning to visit this country. However, a lot of beautiful places in Cambodia that you will never find anywhere else. Ancient temples, beautiful mountains, friendly people and beautiful cultures will make you excited, relax and love.



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