BBM – A Stranger Messenger Among Cambodian People

BlackBerry was once called “The Kind of Smartphone” for decades, but everything has changed and its position is now under control of Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Currently, with a small market share (~1%), BlackBerry is trying its best to bring back what is theirs but it seem likes everything is not going smoothly. There are so many obstacles along its way. There are so many reasons and a lot of analysis about its fall-down, but no one knew it better than BlackBerry itself.

In early 2013, BlackBerry announced that they will make BBM available across platforms, and it quickly adapted million people around the world. But look back to Cambodia market, BlackBerry and BBM is still very new and strange among Cambodian users.

Almost 100% of Cambodian users are not aware of BlackBerry or BBM. I admit that a lot of Cambodian users are using WhatsApp, Viber, Lines, Skype or even WebChat, but not many people are using BBM.

In reality, BBM is one of messenger applications that you can do the same to what other messenger applications does. With BBM, you can send messages, voice messages, or even video conversation with high-clear voice and video quality. BBM designed to be simple, effective and easy to use.

One most important point of BBM, it won’t burn up your smartphone/tablet’s RAM. Not like what Viber, Lines or Skype does.

Now, with new updated version, BlackBerry includes BBM Enterprise, BBM Meeting to its BBM and received positive feedback from customers since BlackBerry is the “leader in enterprise mobile solution”.

You can download BBM from BlackBerry by click on this link and select BBM version for your platform. To download BBM please click here.


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