Four Types Employees that Company or Organization Should Re-evaluate

The success of a company or organization is depends on the quality of employees. Leading people is very difficult but there is nothing more difficult than hiring or working with these 4 types of employees:

1. Employee who’s never put company’s direction in mind

This type of employees would never  put any direction or any task that company or their leader gave them and yet they take those as negative point. They could destroy the company or organization’s image as well as destroy the team. They would not do anything, or even they did, the result would just “thousand-reason” result (a bad result with thousands of reasons).

This type of employee, company or organization should double check their behavior, their everyday task or works, push them and work with them even closer.

2. Employee who’s negatively mindset on commenting

Comments are not always bad nor not always good. It is based on those employee’s behavior and actions. But the most important of all, employee who’s negative about their manager’s comments would never follow the team or company direction and would not put their heart at what they are doing. Those type of employees would potentially destroy team’s performance as well.

3. Employee who’s never follow the company or team’s direction

Direction is very important. It is a path, a road to success for each and every team or company. Direction will not be constant. It will change from one to another team based on opportunities and realistic situation. As an employee, follow the direction and create specific action plan to support that direction and objectives. If an employee not willing to follow the direction or discipline, company should re-evaluate their behavior and their thinks, they could become demotivate or have 2nd thought of their career.

4. Employee who’s lack of responsibilities and accountabilities

Working as a team, responsibilities and accountabilities is very important for together successes. The employee who’s lack of responsibilities and accountabilities would never takes any task seriously and implement it effectively. Double check their performance and re-evaluate their behavior is the must do that every manager or leader should take action for this type of employee.


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