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Your working experiences has nothing to do with you when you’re in new role.


Measurement of a Company’s Success

“Success” is the only thing or goal that everyone of use would love to see and get. But there are so many measurement to evaluate the success. A success of a company is not only measure based on their revenue (income), but it also measured on some other criteria or KPIs.

The size of the company the side of the company is the number of staffs that working for that company with low turn-over in terms of people moving frequency. A company with high rank of staffs satisfaction, those company will win the highest rank of successful company among other companies.

Uniform has nothing to do with success a uniform is just the outcome appearance to decorate the company to look better, unique. Uniform has nothing to do with your company’s success and that why you would never find any uniform at any multinational companies.

Coverage of the company a successful company is the company that have the widest rang of area coverage.They have so many customers, and their products available everywhere.

Image and reputation successful company have a very good image and reputation among their customers and society that they’re operate.

Solid Year-on-Year Growth rate growth rate is very important for a business. A success company has a solid growth rate. Absolutely they’d face some obstacles or issues along the way, but they can solve it without any problem.

Some Behaviors at Workplace that Kill the Successes

Workplace is the place that most employees spends most of their time with. Some employees they stay the office more than their home and families.

Workplace is also the place to learn, to explore new idea and also the place that we doing new things to change the society and the world.

But some of the behaviors or attitude at workplace of some employees/staffs could potentially kill the new ideas, new expression or new change. And those behavior still exist everywhere.

Mostly reject or negative with new ideas is the behavior that will never accept of new things and will never accept any comments from others. Those behavior exist in those who thought they’re always right in no matter what situation or scenarios. If a workplace has those kind of staffs with more than 40% of all staffs they have, those company will never reach their goal or go further compare to those company that has less.

Suddenly laugh when someone stand-up and express the nature of human beings is “I am the best, I know everything and everyone is lower than me”. This kind of behavior will be appeared once there is someone stand-up and speak for any issues and someone suddenly laugh at the backstage. No matter how strong you are, but when you are about to say something and someone laugh at you, they your idea will fly aways and you don’t have any feeling to speak or express anymore. That behavior will stop everything and will also destroy the company as well.

“I am so comfortable with current situation” we’re working for only one goal is to grow or build up ourselves to a upper level. If in a company have more than 70% of the staffs who really want to build up and level up themselves to a upper level in the company, those company will be grow like a rocket because those people are working with humble, with passion and with integrity. In contrast, if a company have only 20% of the staffs are really wants to build up and level up themselves, those company will be just ordinary company like others – a company that achieve only day-to-day goal, don’t have clear vision and direction.

Never put the problem on the table for discussion and yet bring it discuss at somewhere else it doesn’t matter how huge or serious the situation or problem would be, if we together put those problem on the able and discuss, we’ll reach a solution one day and we both will comfort with that situation. But if we didn’t put on the table, yet we bring it to discuss outside the discussion room, those problem will still be a problem and the solutions will never have. If those keep happens, one day everyone, every staffs, every employee will feels demotivate and believe or not, they will one-by-one leaves the company.

Meeting room is a battle field no one wants to join the battle field, why? Because it is suicide action and place as well. A workplace that makes meeting room feels like battle field while in every meeting is like war, there’ll be no one would want to work with. Meeting room is just a the room that we put every problems on the table to discuss in order to find best solution. It’s not suppose to be the room that everyone feels it is Killing Room thought.

My manager or boss is the one that I shouldn’t touch or talk to – in Asian culture, if the one with higher position or higher rank of power, no one would dare to touch or talk to. Those culture will destroy the success of a company if those culture exist in those company. Why? Because you would never talk to or discuss with your higher boss or manager about what you want or needs and they will force you to work with what you don’t want to. This culture also block you from what is called “Speak Up Culture” when you have any issues or problem with others within your organization. Go and talk to your higher manager if you have any doubt with your direct manager or with anyone in your organization. Nothing to be fear, nothing to be worry and nothing to stop you from doing that.

Why You Should Not Worry About HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has been known for decades and it is the disease that everyone always worry of. But these past decade, another threats becoming bigger concerns compare to HIV/AIDS. So what is it and why we should just worry about HIV/AIDS anymore?

HIV/AIDS is the disease that cause by HIV virus. If it is causes by virus that’s mean we will have strategies to prevent from getting infected from it. And yes, that’s right because HIV virus can be prevented by using condom anytime you intended to have sexual activities with other girls who is not your wife or who’s just one night lover. So there is nothing we should be worried about HIS/AIDS if you are well protected yourself. So what else you should be worry of?

There are a lot of diseases which you could never prevented, such as cancer, diabetes or hypertension.

Nearly 100% of cancer disease that we cannot be prevented, except cervical cancer. Cancers are now getting bigger and bigger concerns for everyone not just at developed world but also at developing world as Cambodia like well. Cancer we cannot prevented and it is a silent killers because the moment that we know we got cancer, it’s almost late stage and the death is coming to us. Hope in the next decades when sciences is getting strong more, scientist could found another ways to help us secured from cancer disease but that hope will be a miracle.

Diabetes is another disease that we should be worry after cancer. People loves themselves and they try to get themselves what’s best but unfortunately their eating behavior just killing them. When people are getting richer and the things become more affordable, bad eating behavior just helps the boost the speed of diabetes almost double.

People should have think how protect themselves from those diseases not just worry about HIVE/AIDS.

2014 Three Biggest Review for My Life

2014 was an awesome year for each and everyone of us. There were some happy and sad things happened in 2014, but however, that’s life.

To move along in 2014, let’s go back to 2014 with my-life-review.

1. Marriage a wonderful woman: Marriage is what every couples should have think of. We cannot live alone forever and we also cannot just girlfriend or boyfriend forever. Marriage is to set our life’s goal in a right direction.

On May 11, 2014, my marriage was celebrated and everyone one, every member of my families and relatives are smile and happy.

Thanks to my beloved wife that always support and accept my marriage proposed.

2. Career changed: Changing is good, but not always, especially career changing. In July 2014, I had decided to move from so-called home, GSK, which I started my first career to F.Hoffman-La Roche. After 5 years of working, learning and living with GSK, I’ve learned a lot and it taught me something which I will never learn at school, social responsibility and contribution.

GSK also the place that made me proud of. Everyday I go to work, I am contributing something to my beloved country because GSK promised to reinvest 20% of its annually profit to develop healthcare infrastructure in Cambodia and in reality, 3 health centers was build, and a lot more to be built in the following years as well.

Well done! GSK team. Hope to see you guys around.

3. One year anniversary the lost of my beloved sister: In May 2013, the biggest lost of my family was the lost of my 2nd sister. She was die because of unpredictable liver cancer. Her lost was the blackest day in my life as well. I still remember the last word that she told me and wants me to do for her.

“Looking after of my daughters. Take care of them until they are married. Assist them until they graduated and get their own job.”

It’s already one year passed, but it seems like yesterday. Every time when I miss her, I always pull out the last picture that I took when she was strong enough to smile for me.

I miss you sister.

There are lots to be reviewed in 2014, but these above 3 things are the biggest changes in my life which I would carry until the last breast of my life.

Thanks to my parents who make my life today, thanks to my families that always support me, courage me to do whatever good for my future. Thanks to my teachers, friends that never give up on me.

Hope 2015 will have even more to share with you again.