Measurement of a Company’s Success

“Success” is the only thing or goal that everyone of use would love to see and get. But there are so many measurement to evaluate the success. A success of a company is not only measure based on their revenue (income), but it also measured on some other criteria or KPIs.

The size of the company the side of the company is the number of staffs that working for that company with low turn-over in terms of people moving frequency. A company with high rank of staffs satisfaction, those company will win the highest rank of successful company among other companies.

Uniform has nothing to do with success a uniform is just the outcome appearance to decorate the company to look better, unique. Uniform has nothing to do with your company’s success and that why you would never find any uniform at any multinational companies.

Coverage of the company a successful company is the company that have the widest rang of area coverage.They have so many customers, and their products available everywhere.

Image and reputation successful company have a very good image and reputation among their customers and society that they’re operate.

Solid Year-on-Year Growth rate growth rate is very important for a business. A success company has a solid growth rate. Absolutely they’d face some obstacles or issues along the way, but they can solve it without any problem.

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