During Meeting: The Value of Being Questioned

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Employees are always worry when the up coming meeting due date. The most common worry is about, how will I being questioned? How would I respond ? How will my staffs, my subordinate and my colleagues think about me if I got questioned?

Those worries lead the meeting become less participations, less productive and unexpected result. But however, being questioned has its pros and cons. Today, I am going to share some of my thought about the value of being questioned during the meeting.

Being questioned means the audience interested in your and your presentation. If you got some question on your presentation whether positive or negative question, means the audiences are with you and they are focus on you and your presentation. Let them asks and take it positively to improve and make it better.

Being questioned means they value your efforts. Preparing a presentation is not an easy job. From exploring raw data to a good presentation required efforts and knowledge. A good preparation will get more question and the audiences valued you and your strength through that preparation.

Being questioned means they showing you the way to make your presentation, task or program better. To improve your strengths you need to ask and being questioned along the way as well. Sometime we cannot find our mistakes but when we got questions then we can see where the mistakes lies.

Being questioned is good real life education. At school we got questions from our teachers but those questions in one purpose is just to check whether you understand the lesson or not, but in real working life, you receive questions become of those need an explanation and clarify and improve, a bit of different but huge impact on your future.

These are just some of the value of being asked or questioned during the meeting and you should never worry or afraid of being questioned as well. But however, in some cases, some questions mean humiliation and that should be avoid to happened during the meeting.

Beggars: Should or Should not Give?

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Cambodia is a developing country and it is also one of the poorest country in the world and region. Civil war in 1970s have left Cambodia with so many poor people, and countless uneducated people as well. Those complications leads so many problem in the society and one of the most common see is “beggar”.

If you travel to Cambodia or you live in Cambodia, you will see so many beggars at almost all the streets in Phnom Penh, and other big cities such as Siem Reap etc. When it comes to this point, I always ask myself each time when I see beggars on the sidewalk. “Should I give them money or not? What will happen if I give them? And what will happen if I don’t give them?”

To be honest, I pity them and wants to give them some little money, but when it comes to the long term complications, I stop. Why? Because most of them can work to feed themselves in a better way beside begging for money. Some of them stronger than me, some of them fatter than me and some of them younger than me to be exact.

If I give them the money, they would think that the way that they are doing is the most easy way to get money and feed themselves and they will keep continue to doing it and without thinking of another way which is better.

But if I don’t give them, some of them would die hungry because some of those are elderly people, some of them are even older than my mother. They cannot work to feed themselves anymore or maybe they don’t have any relatives, or families that could take care of them, so begging for little money will help them to survive a bit longer.

The idea and purpose is different from one to another. But for me, I only give to money to them if they are old, cannot work to feed themselves and to the one who’s absolutely broke.

The decision is yours and giving or charity the most honorable activities of human kinds. Our little activities could change the world that we’re living it.

Valentine’s Day: The Term that Over-use Among Cambodian Teenagers

February 14 every year is the day that everyone expresses their love to their beloved one including parents, relatives,  brothers and sisters.

This past few years, this occasion has been over-use by most Cambodian teenagers. They uses that day to express, to show their love in the wrong way. Mostly, we rarely see Cambodian teenagers shows their love to their relatives or parents on Valentine’s Day, but in opposite they uses it as a tool to buy the love from their girlfriend or boyfriends. Many girls lost their virginity or their faithful love and in returns, tears, regret and hopeless.

This year will not so different from other years too. Will have so many girls will end up the same result like so many girls got last year.

Be mindful and be more careful.

Cambodia: Pharmaceutical Business Opportunities

Pharmaceutical business is one the fast growing business in Cambodia. With ~13% year-on-year growing, this business field interested so many pharmaceutical companies both local and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

But at the end of the day, not all of those companies are successes in this field. A few multinational companies have made a very good growing in this business field.

Below is some of my observation in term of business opportunity for this field based on disease areas:

1. Infectious diseases: This is the fastest growing area. There’re so many companies that doing business with antibiotic from amoxicillin to quinolones or even broader antibiotic. Non all of them success since price is the most competing strategies and method that most of those company using right now to gain the market share and increase the revenue.

But however, if you plan to step into pharmaceutical business in Cambodia, antibiotic should be the one that you need to explore first. The opportunity is there, but the information and approach will be different. Just explore and create your most fit approach to this area.

2. Respiratory diseases: This area including asthmatic diseases and other respiratory tract infection such as sinusitis etc. Cambodia is developing country and the respiratory track infection is the most common if compare to other disease. Dirty roads, bad environment, people are not much care about their living environment. Those could be a big opportunity. The biggest barrier of this business field is that not so many Cambodian people are really understand the important of using respiratory tract infection while they have any problem. They compromised the risk and possible complications of that disease. You might need to invest more in generating their awareness to drive their needs of respirator tract infection agent.

3. Diabetes, Hypertension: With the improving of economic and living style, Cambodian people are facing huge challenges ahead of their future. Diabetes and hypertension are increasing it proportion among Cambodian people. In the next 5-10 years Cambodian people need a better care of diabetes and hypertension. Invest in this disease awareness now will bring you a brighter future.

4. Cancer diseases: The world is changing and the nature of disease in Cambodia also changing from day to day, year to year as well. Cancer is the most fear disease among Cambodian people. Once they diagnosed with cancer they willing to pay with any price to get treatment. Better cancer treatment agent is the most needed.