Cambodia: Pharmaceutical Business Opportunities

Pharmaceutical business is one the fast growing business in Cambodia. With ~13% year-on-year growing, this business field interested so many pharmaceutical companies both local and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

But at the end of the day, not all of those companies are successes in this field. A few multinational companies have made a very good growing in this business field.

Below is some of my observation in term of business opportunity for this field based on disease areas:

1. Infectious diseases: This is the fastest growing area. There’re so many companies that doing business with antibiotic from amoxicillin to quinolones or even broader antibiotic. Non all of them success since price is the most competing strategies and method that most of those company using right now to gain the market share and increase the revenue.

But however, if you plan to step into pharmaceutical business in Cambodia, antibiotic should be the one that you need to explore first. The opportunity is there, but the information and approach will be different. Just explore and create your most fit approach to this area.

2. Respiratory diseases: This area including asthmatic diseases and other respiratory tract infection such as sinusitis etc. Cambodia is developing country and the respiratory track infection is the most common if compare to other disease. Dirty roads, bad environment, people are not much care about their living environment. Those could be a big opportunity. The biggest barrier of this business field is that not so many Cambodian people are really understand the important of using respiratory tract infection while they have any problem. They compromised the risk and possible complications of that disease. You might need to invest more in generating their awareness to drive their needs of respirator tract infection agent.

3. Diabetes, Hypertension: With the improving of economic and living style, Cambodian people are facing huge challenges ahead of their future. Diabetes and hypertension are increasing it proportion among Cambodian people. In the next 5-10 years Cambodian people need a better care of diabetes and hypertension. Invest in this disease awareness now will bring you a brighter future.

4. Cancer diseases: The world is changing and the nature of disease in Cambodia also changing from day to day, year to year as well. Cancer is the most fear disease among Cambodian people. Once they diagnosed with cancer they willing to pay with any price to get treatment. Better cancer treatment agent is the most needed.


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