Why You Should Love Your Career

Normally, when it comes to business, there is no love or like link between, but believe or not, Love means a lot in your career. Why is that so? 

“Working without loving your career or current job is just like killing yourself, your talent and your skill as well as your credit.” When you work with love you would not hesitate to put all the efforts and result would comes up. 

“Working without love it’s like driving without focus.” Can you imagine you’re driving on the road but your feeling is not with you. You might imagine how danger it would be, right? Working without love on what you’re working it’s like you’re killing a business. 

While you’re working with love then you will works with all your passion and effort then you will definitely improve yourself as well. 

Before you select any job, just ask yourself, do you really like? If do, just go ahead and if you don’t, please just stop think about it. 

How to Improve Computer’s Performance

The speed of every computer related directly to these 4 components: CPU, RAM, Hard drive and GPU. If you computer is getting slow, you might need to take a look at these 4 components.

So, which component should be first upgraded if your computer is running slow? The easiest way to upgrade the performance of you computer, you might need to look at two major components, either RAM or hard drive, since CPU is pre-configuration and it is not easy to upgrade if you’re using laptop. So, which one should  you go first?

Firstly, you might need to check your computer’s RAM. If it is lower than 2GB then you need to upgrade it to at least 2GB or 4GB. Currently RAM is not so expensive like it used to be and it depends on brand as well.

Secondly, if your computer comes with at least 2GB of RAM and it’s still slow, then you might need to upgrade from ordinary hard drive to solid-slate-drive or SSD instead. SS will boost the performance of your computer in the way that you may not imagine.

Hope this would help….

Books That Every Manager Should Read

Reading books not just a behavior to kill your free times, but also the tool that make you realize of yourself, everyone and everything around you and also give you some tips to improve your day-to-day life better.

Reading books it doesn’t mean that you’re stupid or lack of knowledge, it is a good behavior and knowing yourself, and which position you are at.

Some people they don’t like to read the books and claim they know everything. Some believes that reading is nothing, but action is something that should have done. Some believes that reading is just a behavior to show people around you that you’re high educated person. Honestly, reading should have bounded with action. However, there would no right action if you don’t read.

These books that I think every manager should have read:

1. How to motivate every employee by Anne Bruche: This book is very important to those who have direct subordinates or direct reports. In this book, the writer show you short and good tips for you easy to imagine and utilize it to actions.

If you’re using iPad, tablets or e-book readers, you can buy this book at Amazon by click on this link: How to Motivate Every Employee

2. 5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell: Do you know which level of leadership are you at now? Are you sure that you are behave in the right way? Do you believe that you are not using your position, your power to control your subordinates? Do you know how to improve your leadership skill?

If you’re not sure yet, this book might guide you and also explain you in very detail how and where you are at. This is a long detail book, you might need to take some times to read it but it worth to read. Click on this link to buy this book: 5 Levels of Leadership

3. Leadership and Motivation by John Adair: This book is like basic or fundamental of leadership including motivation. The writer shows you everything about a person’s need, behave, behavior and also leadership in general as well. Click on this link to buy the book: Leadership and Motivation

Enjoy your reading people. Hope this might help.