Jurassic World: What I have learned.


Yesterday evening, I and my families we went to see a newest release of Jurassic World, 4th part of Jurassic Park which originally introduced in 1993. The movie was quite good and everyone enjoyed it as much as I did too.

Just like usual, each time I see movies, no matter in the cinema or at home, I tried to learn and picked up some good points from those movies. Today, I would like to share some points that I learned and picked up from last night movie, Jurassic World.

+ Dare to take risk for success: Most people believe that Jurassic World will offer nothing beside excitement and stress release, but those were not just what Jurassic World could offer. Across the movie, you’ll see the main actor dare to risk himself to teach and communicate with his 4 raptors Blue and other three which I didn’t remember the name. Those raptors are predictors and they could kill him with just a single bite. Avoid from afraid those raptors, he taught those raptors and communicate with them successfully. At the end of the movie, those raptors help him to kill the biggest, strongest and cruelest dinosaur that intended to kill all the people in the island. This mean successes come from taking risk for it. Communication also a-two-side knife. 

+ Boss is the not the person that we should afraid of: Boss is our higher manager that manage, guide and show us direction to achieve a certain thing including work and life. However, boss also a human beings and we should not be afraid of them. If we have something to clarify or something to ask for help/support, just stand up and ask. In Jurassic World, Owen was the one that step into control center and yell on his boss, Clare, to do something that could protect tourists from harm or getting killed from a dinosaur. Even his boss, yell back on him and asked him to leave the control center, he still wanted his boss to think. In real life, this should be applied but need to modified. We, exactly, should not yell at our boss, but we should stand up and ask them to clarify something that we don’t understand or not clear. Stand up for good.

+ Explore the world to get more experiences: Zach and Gray, two little guys that really enjoy of exploring Jurassic World without any fears or mercy. They were really enjoy of what they were discovered and they learned from it. They even knew how to start-up a 12-year old truck to escape from jack-ass dinosaur. Explore means everything for our everyday life as well as for business. Opportunities out their in the market, we don’t have enough information or deep understanding about it, we’ll be the loser in the field. Keep explore for new opportunities to grow.

+ Should not compromise the risk from internal: What’s that mean anyways? Last night movie show us exactly why we should not compromise the risk that could happened from our internal persons. Vic Hoskins is the security leader but he tried to use raptors in the real field test to prove that they’re safe. During the problem occur in the island, Vic Hoskins tried to release raptors and in contrast, those raptors killed his team. This happened because he never listened to Owen and also just want to prove that he was right. In real world, the closest person in the firm would never also be a good friend. Should not completely trust on anyone otherwise we’ll just like Vic Hoskins’s team.

+ Real leader always at the front line: Owen was so brave and strong enough to lead his team to hunt the killer even though at the night time. He was not afraid of anything even though it was night time. He was the one to ride this bike at the front line and also the one that left after everyone. By compromising his life, his attracted raptors to follow up in order to help his friend in a wooden-whole. Finally he safe those man’s life. Leader is the one that go first, back last. Take risk for his team even it’s life threatening risk.

Learning is not just from books, classroom, but you can learn from anything, anyway you met or experienced with.

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