A Lady Called “Mum”


She sad and cry for almost 50 years.

She hurt and suffer from family issues for almost 50 years.

She raised 4 kids her own for almost 50 years.

She skinny, and she sick.

She got so much pain when her 2nd daughter die because of liver cancer and those hurt still existing.


She never back down.

She never give up.

She never let her children become hunger, homeless and more importantly she get her children the prestige gift, education and reputation.

That lady is the icon, the idol and the God in my life and more importantly —– She’s a lady that call “Mum”.

I miss you and love you mum!


Stress and Water Intake

Stress, boring, bored and depress are the most common affect that we usually see in office workers. No one can escape from these common side effect.

No matter what or how we feel about our job or any task, you cannot let yourself being stressful or depress because of it. Why? Because the moment your stress or depress with your work, you’re direct and indirectly harming your career goal and also your family. So, how to make yourself away from stress or depress?

There are many ways, but not all of them are easy nor effective enough. However, I’ve tried this simple and effective method is “drink more water” when I’m stress or depress or unhappy about my jobs. It’s sound simple, right? But it’s scientific-based and also have supportive evidences as well.

Studies shown that, if you just half of liter dehydration you’re increasing the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. Dehydration is the most forgotten symptoms that not everyone care about it. The most you stress or upset or unhappy with anything, yourself are not likely want to eat or drink anything.

Thus, when you’re in stressful mood, let’s grab a cub of water and then drink it. You’ll feel relieve

Do not just believe me, try it first.!

Source: WebMD (http://www.webmd.com/diet/water-stress-reduction) accessed: Sept 15, 2015