Medical Representative

There are so many job titles and terms that everyone, every company use differently. Medical Representative or Medrep is a term that we usually use for pharmacists, or medical person who’s working for pharmaceutical company in order to provide product information and knowledge regarding to product prescription.

However, there many people are still misunderstanding about this role. Today, I am writing about role medrep, what they usually do and what they usual thought about.

5 misunderstanding about medreps:

  • Medrep is a seller: medrep mostly confused or misunderstood by medical personels and they also confused themselves that they’re just pharmaceutical product sellers, nothing different from ordinary sell-person. In fact, medrep are much more than just a seller. In some companies, medrep didn’t allow to sell their products directly to medical doctors, or pharmacies. Their roles are just detailing, and providing information. So, in contrast, they’re not 100% sellers.
  • Medrep are not medical persons: this is very common in Cambodia while most of medreps were undervalue or underestimated by medical doctors. Doctors believe, or somehow, assume that medreps have no medical background. I don’t know for sure, but those kind of medrep happened in 1990s, to be exact. Today, almost all of medreps are medical personels, they do have medical background, some are pharmacists, or even doctors.
  • Medreps are always have lower knowledge than medical doctors: this could be true in terms of pathology, diagnosis or treatment diseases, but however, medreps do have a certain knowledge of diseases, guideline and product usage to any product that they related. Doctors might have broad understanding about diseases and treatment protocol/guidelines, but when it comes to a certain drug or medicine, a medrep might knows it clearly.
  • Medrep is a doer: this part is very important for all medreps. Most of the time, they always consider they’re just a doer, no need to think about strategic planning, business objectives or else, because they have their line managers to think about all of this. This might be wrong. When a medrep take full responsibility at a certain area that they’re covering, they like a business manager for that area. They need to develop their own strategies, planning and also business objectives as well. If a medrep do not know how to expand the business, to achieve the goal and do not have a proper plan for business in their area, they will fail and that will close their opportunity for anothe step which is “management” step.
  • Leadership for medrep is not important: this myth is very obvious and it is very ridiculous. I do believe that leadership is not for everyone, but however, a successful medrep they do have very strong leadership. Leadership is verything we need to know about ourselves, people and lead them. Everyone need to have a strong leadership foundation in order to apply for another step of their career.

These 5 misunderstanding about medreps that I mentioned above are just a small of part of thousand of misunderstanding about medreps and more importantly medreps should have better recognation that just from company but from medical doctors point of view as well.

Last but not least, be strong, be smart and humble.