Why Cambodian Teenagers Are In Love with Apple’s Product, iPhone?

Apple is the first computer company who develop and create the world first graphic operating system on their very own machine called Macintosh.

Macintosh sound strange in Cambodia while everyone, especially young generation might never heard about this word. Macintosh created by Steve Jobs and his co-founder in 1980s. The first Macintosh were look not so attractive at all, but after Steve Jobs introduced his first iMac G3 in 1998, the world start to recognize that Apple is the most innovative company. The iMac G3 was also the most popular all-in-one computer at that time. It helped Apple be the biggest company today.

So, how about today? What make Cambodian teenagers so dying to have an iPhone (whatever version it is)? Why they are so in love with Apple’s products?

There are so many reasons that you will get from them. Some will tell you that they love it because it well made product with high quality both software and hardware. Another will tell you that they love it because it stylish, sexy and well-known products. But no matter what reason they told you, it’s always 2 important reasons:

1. They love it because it is Apple: The feeling that you hold an Apple’s product in your hand and when the people look at you and want to ask you about that things, those feeling will remind you that you’re the only person or you’re the STAR at that time. You’ll feel very proud of holding it. That’s the most common reason that I get from many people I asked.

2. Using experiences: In Cambodia, teenagers use iPhone are not just for their feeling, but they want to experiences the whole new things, to really see what’s the different between the iPhone and the oldie Nokia. Apple has create a very good product which hardware and software work together like one. People will experience the best when they using iPhone.

These 2 main reasons that can push teenagers to get the iPhone over Nokia’s phone.