Why are some aerobic dancers still fat?


Aerobic dance becoming popular among Cambodian people, especially those who are aged around 45 to 60 years old. They form up a team with one or two instructors, and they do the dancing every evening from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. something.

The main purpose of their activities, hoping to burn some calories and reduce they belly fats for healthy living as well as better body shape. However, it seems like their objectives are hardly to achieve. Why is that so? Based on my observation, below are some possible reasons that could lead them not to achieve their objectives:

  1. Commitment: Some people they really want to reduce their body weight, burn their belly fats, however, they seem do not have a clear and strong commitment. They somehow, do not follow it and normally the rate of their action drop within two months, and they return to their previous hobbits and life again.
  2. Lack of attention of what they are eating: Principle of losing body weight, and belly fats is to limit your high caloric dense food such as fast food, fried food etc. However, I can say that nearly 60% of aerobic dancer will have something to eat after their dancing finish and clearly you will see a lot of mobile cart that selling fast foods stand, and selling around the park. They will never be able to loss any calories because this action.
  3. Lack of understanding about their food: Knowing how to eat is good, however, understanding about your foods is another story. You need to have a certain level of understanding about the calories that you’ll get from your food and calculate precisely in order to reduce a certain weight. Example: look at the food that some famous boxing athlete eat, especially, Many PACMAN Pacquiao, his foods are healthy and very optimal.
  4. They need to know that “aerobic alone is not enough”: Aerobic dancing look so ideally in reducing weight and burning belly fats, however, just practicing aerobic dancing alone will enough since aerobic dancing itself will not burn much calories and fats.

These are some reasons that observed why most of aerobic dancers still could not reduce any weight, some people even increase their body weight instead of losing it.

Weight reduction principle: Calories in = calories out


Why Early Breast Cancer Detection or Screening is Import

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, either you’re living a developed or developing country. It is estimated that worldwide over 508 000 women died in 2011 due to breast cancer [1].

In Cambodia, breast cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in women with 1,255 cases in 2012 and this number will raise up to 1,409 cases in 2015 [2]. Speaking of breast cancer among Cambodian women is still sound strange.


Most Cambodian women mostly not aware of breast cancer and screen method and tools. They only know that they have breast cancer when the symptoms appear which is at late stage of breast cancer while treatment option nearly not possible.

Early detection or screen is very important. The most important benefit of early detection or screening is to help women who’s at risk with breast cancer a chance to live longer, live freely from breast cancer.

For an example, a Hollywood actress, Angelia Jolie, who was suffered from breast cancer now live freely with her families without worry about of this disease. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at very early stage and she decided to operate to remove those cancer cells from her body that helped her to reduce the risk of breast cancer from 85% down to 3% to 5%.

Early breast cancer detection is very important to those who have relatives (grandmother, mothers, sisters or any close relatives) with breast cancer to really make sure that they’ll not suffers from this deathly disease.

There are many recommendation and also guideline from American Cancer Society for breast cancer detection or screening [3].

  • Women age 40 and older should have a mammogram every year and should continue to do so for as long as they are in good health
  • Women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam (CBE) as part of a periodic (regular) health exam by a health professional preferably every 3 years. Starting at age 40, women should have a CBE by a health professional every year.
  • Breast self-exam (BSE) is an option for women starting in their 20s. Women should be told about the benefits and limitations of BSE.
  • Women who are at high risk for breast cancer based on certain factors should get an MRI and a mammogram every year.

While currently, some of breast cancer detection available in Cambodia, I would recommend Cambodian women aged from 40 onward to get yourself test. Currently available methods in Cambodia such as mammogram, and BSE which you could detect it yourself. Shortly in the future, an hi-tech machine will be install and that would help a lot of Cambodian women to detect breast cancer and reduce more death from this deathly disease.

Get yourself screening or detection for early breast cancer, will you help live longer with disease free and you’ll have more time with your families. 


[1]. WHO Breast cancer: prevention and control http://www.who.int/cancer/detection/breastcancer/en/index1.html%5D

[2]. Globocan: Cambodia estimated new breast cancer in 2015 [http://globocan.iarc.fr/old/burden.asp?selection_pop=29116&Text-p=Cambodia&selection_cancer=3152&Text-c=Breast&pYear=3&type=0&window=1&submit=%C2%A0Execute]

[3]. American Cancer Society [http://www.cancer.org/cancer/breastcancer/moreinformation/breastcancerearlydetection/breast-cancer-early-detection-acs-recs]

ការចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំងមហារីកមាត់ស្បួន និងការយល់ឃើញរបស់ស្រ្តីខ្មែរ

មហារីកមាត់ស្បួនជាជំងឺមួយប្រភេទដែលបង្កឡើងដោយមេរោគ HPV ដែលជាមេរោគដ៏កាចសាហាវមួយ។ ជាទូទៅ ៩៩.៧% នៃស្រ្តីដែលធ្លាប់ឆ្លងកាត់ការរួមភេទ និងស្រ្តីដែលបានរៀបការហើយ គឺយ៉ាងហោចណាស់ធ្លាប់ឆ្លងមេរោគ​HPV ម្តងក្នុងជីវិតរបស់គេ។

អ្វីដែលគួរអោយមានការព្រួយបារម្ភនោះគឺ ជំងឺមហារីកមាត់ស្បួនជាជំងឺដែលឈរលំដាប់មុខគេដែលបង្កអោយមានស្រ្តីខ្មែរស្លាប់ច្រើនជាងគេផងដែរ។ បើនិយាយពីការការពារវិញ ក្រសួងសុខាភិបាល និងរាជរដ្ឋាភិបាលមិនទាន់មានលទ្ធភាពក្នុងការបញ្ចូលនូវវ៉ាក់សាំងការពារជំងឺនេះក្នុងកម្មវិធីចាក់ថ្នាំបង្កាជាតិបានឡើយ។ បច្ចុប្បន្ននេះមានក្រុមហ៊ុនដែលផលិតវ៉ាក់សាំងនេះបាននាំមកចែកចាយវ៉ាក់សាំងនេះក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាយើងក្នុងតំលៃមួយសមរម្យផងដែរ។

តើហេតុអ្វីបានជាការការពារចំពោះមេរោគនេះមិនអាចប្រព្រឹត្តទៅបានលឿន? អ្វីដែលជាឩបសគ្គ?

មូលហេតុដែលរារាំងមិនអោយការការពារជំងឺនោះប្រព្រឹត្តទៅបានរលូនល្អនោះ មានច្រើន ប៉ុន្តែអ្វីដែលសំខាន់នោះគឺ

១. ការយល់ដឹងពីសារប្រយោជន៍នៃការចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំងការពារនឹងជំងឺនេះ នៅមានកំរឹតមួយដែលទាបនៅឡើយ។ ស្រ្តីខ្មែរមួយចំនួនធំមិនបានអោយតំលៃក្នុងការការពារមេរោគនេះដោយសារគេ មិនបានដឹងពីការចម្លងនៃមេរោគនេះ ក៏ដូចការសារប្រយោជន៍ក្នុងការចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំងផងដែរ។ ការយល់ដឹងមានសារប្រយោជន៍​ និងដើរតួនាទីយ៉ាងសំខាន់ក្នុងការជំរុញអោយការការពារមេរោគនេះ ប្រព្រឹត្តទៅបានរលូន និងមានការគាំទ្រពីស្ត្រីខ្មែរគ្រាប់ស្រទាប់ផងដែរ។

២. បញ្ហាតំលៃក្នុងការចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំង ក៏នៅតែជាបញ្ហាមួយដែលរសើមខ្លាំងដែរក្នុងការរារាំងមិនអោយការបញ្រៀបនៃការចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំងនេះប្រព្រឹត្តទៅបានរលូនផងដែរ។ ស្រ្តីខ្មែរភាគច្រើនគិតថាការចំណាយទៅលើការចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំង ការពារខ្លួនគេ វានឹងបង្កើនការចំណាយប្រចាំខែដែលអាចជាបន្ទុកមួយផងដែរ។

៣. ស្រ្តីខ្មែរភាគច្រើនគិតថា “មើខ្លួនមិនឈឺផង ហេតុត្រូវចាក់វ៉ាក់សាំងការពារ? ហេតុត្រូវចាក់មេរោគចូលក្នុងខ្លួន?” ការយល់ឃើញបែបហ្នឹង គឺជាប្រការមួយដ៏គ្រោះថ្នាក់ និងអាចបង្កជាហានិភ័យយ៉ាងធំធេងដល់បញ្ហាសុខភាពស្រ្តីខ្មែរ គ្រប់រូប ក៏ដូចជាសុខភាពសាធារណៈផងដែរ។ វ៉ាក់សាំងការពារនិងមេរោគនេះ គឺមានសុវត្ថិភាព និងមិនមែនជាវ៉ាក់សាំងដែលផលិតចេញពីមេរោគ ១០០% នោះទេ គឺគេគ្រាន់តែយក់ផ្នែកមួយដ៏តូចរបស់មេរោគតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ។ វាមិនបង្កអោយមានជំងឺ ឬផលរមាស់អ្វីធ្ងន់ធ្ងរឡើយ។

ចំនុចមួយចំនួននេះហើយដែលបានបង្អាក់ការការពារស្រ្តីខ្មែរចំពោះមេរោគនេះ ហើយមិនតែប៉ុណ្ណោះថែមទាំងបំផុសនូវគំនិតអវិជ្ជមានយ៉ាងខ្លាំងដល់យុទ្ធនាការក្នុងការការពារស្រ្តីខ្មែរគ្រប់រូបទៀតផង។

សូមចងចាំថា៖ វ៉ាក់សាំងការពារមេរោគនេះ មិនមែនជាវ៉ាក់សាំងដែលគេយកមកធ្វើតេស្តិ៍ក្នុងស្រុកខ្មែរហើយ វាត្រូវបានអង្គការសុខភាពពិភពលោកអនុញ្ញាតអោយប្រើប្រាស់ និងមានសុវត្ថិភាពទៀតផង។

Check Out Your Vaccination Record Book: Were These Vaccine Checked?

Most of Cambodian children aged from 1.5 months to 9 months fully covered by National Immunization Program (NPI). They will received 10 vaccines for free to assure that they are protected from common preventable-diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, Hib, pertussis, polio, hepatitis B, BCG, measles, rubella and pneumococcal.

Unfortunately, these 10 vaccines only for infants and children from 1.5 to 9 months of age only. To those who older than 9 months will not be covered by this program and they have to seek for private vaccination services at some high-standard clinics and vaccination centers to ensure that they will protected throughout the life-time.

Below are the vaccines that you need to get to ensure that you’re protected if you are older than 9 months:

1. Pneumococcal vaccines with 23 serotypes: There are several types of this vaccine available in the market such as Pneumovax 23, Pneumo 23. These vaccines are needed for children and adult aged from 2 years onward to protect against 23 serotypes of S.pneumoniae.

2. Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (dTp) vaccines: Many vaccines and many brands available in the market. These vaccines are recommended for children and adults aged from 18 months onward and need to repeat (booster) in every 5-10 years. This vaccine is very important for girl and young women who planned to get married and have a baby to prevent against congenital complications of these disease which lead to have severe damage to their baby.

3. Cervical cancer vaccines (HPV vaccines): This is a must-get vaccine against HPV viruses that cause cervical cancer in all girls and women. HPV very contagious viruses through sexual activities and it is easily transmitted. There are two types of HPV vaccines available in the market, Gardasil (Merck MSD, USA) and Cervarix (GSK, Belgium). For girls and women, please check your vaccination schedule whether you already got this vaccine or yet.

4. Varicella vaccines (chickenpox vaccines): Most of elder age says “if you get chickenpox, just let it be because it will good for you in the future”, but they forgot that chickenpox can kill. This disease is very contagious and have so many complications, especially scars on the skin which is not easy to be removed or healed. With just only two shots of this vaccine, you’ll assured that you’re protected. Currently, there are some varicella vaccines such as Varilrix (GSK, Belgium), Varivax (Merck MSD, USA)

5. Hepatitis A vaccines: If hepatitis B covered by NPI program, then hepatitis A will not included. Most Cambodian people are not aware of this disease, but they do aware of hepatitis disease in general. Hepatitis A is highly contagious disease and it is preventable. Even hepatitis A is not actually life-threatening disease but it could lead to death as well if it is severe and can cause thousands of dollars in treatment.

6. Rotavirus vaccines: If HPV is very important and must-get vaccines for girls and children, then rotavirus vaccines is the most-must-get vaccine for infants aged from 1.5 to 8 months. It is oral vaccine and it’s very easy to give to infants. Make sure your beloved children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren vaccinated against rotavirus.

These are some vaccines that you can easily find in Cambodia right now. However, still have a lot of vaccines which you’re a bit difficult to find in our country such as Meningococcal vaccines, zoter vaccines etc.

Make sure that above 6 vaccines checked in your and your family’s vaccination record book. If those were checked, that’s mean you’re safe and protected. 

Why You Should Not Worry About HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has been known for decades and it is the disease that everyone always worry of. But these past decade, another threats becoming bigger concerns compare to HIV/AIDS. So what is it and why we should just worry about HIV/AIDS anymore?

HIV/AIDS is the disease that cause by HIV virus. If it is causes by virus that’s mean we will have strategies to prevent from getting infected from it. And yes, that’s right because HIV virus can be prevented by using condom anytime you intended to have sexual activities with other girls who is not your wife or who’s just one night lover. So there is nothing we should be worried about HIS/AIDS if you are well protected yourself. So what else you should be worry of?

There are a lot of diseases which you could never prevented, such as cancer, diabetes or hypertension.

Nearly 100% of cancer disease that we cannot be prevented, except cervical cancer. Cancers are now getting bigger and bigger concerns for everyone not just at developed world but also at developing world as Cambodia like well. Cancer we cannot prevented and it is a silent killers because the moment that we know we got cancer, it’s almost late stage and the death is coming to us. Hope in the next decades when sciences is getting strong more, scientist could found another ways to help us secured from cancer disease but that hope will be a miracle.

Diabetes is another disease that we should be worry after cancer. People loves themselves and they try to get themselves what’s best but unfortunately their eating behavior just killing them. When people are getting richer and the things become more affordable, bad eating behavior just helps the boost the speed of diabetes almost double.

People should have think how protect themselves from those diseases not just worry about HIVE/AIDS.

Gardasil 9 Wins FDA Approval for both Males and Females

On December 10, 2014, a MSD Merck’s new generation of HPV vaccine, Gardasil 9, wins FDA approvals to prevent a certain cancer cased by 5 additional type of HPV.

Gardasil 9 has the potential to prevent approximately 90% of cervical, vulvar, vaginal and anal cancers. Gardasil 9 is a vaccine approved for use in females ages 9 through 26 and males ages 9 through 15.

This approved for the prevention of cervical, vulvar, vaginal and anal cancers caused by HPV types 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58, and for the prevention of genital warts caused by HPV 6 and 11.

Gardasil 9 is administered as three separate shorts with initial dose followed by additional shots given two and sex months later, exactly the same to current administration schedule of Gardasil 4.

For more details and more information, please CLICK HERE.


កង្វះជាតិស្ករ (hypoglycemia or low blood sugar) ជាអាការៈម្យា៉ងដែលបង្កដោយសារកំហាប់ជាតិស្ករក្នុងឈាមត្រូវបានថយចុះហូសកំរិតអតិបរិមា ដែលមិនអាចផ្គត់ផ្គង់នូវតំរូវការស្កររបស់រាង្គកាយយើងបាន។ វាមិនមែនជាជំងឺទឹកនោមផ្អែមដែល អ្នកជំងឺត្រូវបានកាត់បន្ថយបិរមាណស្ករក្នុងរបបអាហាររបស់គេឡើយ។



  • ការបរិភោគអាហារមិនទៀងទាត់ មិនគ្រប់គ្រាន់ ឬក៏បរិភោគអាហារដែលមិនសូវមានកាបូនហ៊ីត្រាត ឬក៏មិនបរិភោគអាហារ
  • ការធ្វើលំហាត់ប្រាណហួសប្រមាណដែលធ្វើអោយរាង្គកាយដុតនូវបរិមាណកាបូនហ៊ីត្រាតមួយចំនួនធំ លើសពីការផ្គត់ផ្គង់អោយ
  • ការប្រើប្រាស់នូវផលិតផលឪសថមួយចំនួនដែលមានមុខនាទីទម្លាក់បរិមាណជាតិស្ករក្នុងឈាម ដូចជាឪសថ Insulin ជាដើម
  • ចំពោះករណីខ្លះទៀតកង្វះជាតិស្ករក្នុងឈាមអាចបណ្តាលមកពី ជំងឺមួយចំនួនផ្សេងទៀតដែលធ្វើអោយប៉ះពាល់ដល់ការរំលាយអាហារផងដែរ



  • អាការៈវិលមុខ ស្លេកស្លាំង អស់កំលាំង អាការៈនេះអាចកើតមានភ្លាមៗផងដែរ ដែលពេលខ្លះវាបានធ្វើអោយអ្នកជំងឺដួលសន្លប់ផងក៏មាន
  • មានអាការៈបែកញើសស្អិត និងមានអាការៈកន្ត្រាក់ដៃជើង និងដងខ្លួន
  • ឈឺក្បាល និងមានការភ្លេចភ្លាំង ឬច្រឡំមុខក្រោយជាដើម
  • ស្រវាំងភ្នែក អាចពិបាកក្នុងការមើល ឬមើលទៅឃើញវត្ថុជាពីរ
  • ហើយអ្នកជំងឺក៏អាចមានការប្រែប្រួលនូវអាកប្បកិរិយាមួយចំនួនដូចជាឆាប់ខឹង ឬមិននិយាយស្តីជាដើម ។ល។

តើយើងអាចទប់ស្កាត់ ឬព្យាបាលដោយវិធីណា?


  • បរិភោគអាហារអោយបានទៀងទាត់ជាប្រការណ៍សំខាន់បំផុត។ អាហារដែលយើងបិរភោគត្រូវតែមានគ្រប់គ្រាន់នូវសារធាតុចិញ្ចឹម ប្រូតេអ៊ី ឬជាតិសាច់ និងបន្លែផ្លៃឈើផងដែរ
  • មិនត្រូវធ្វើលំហាត់ប្រាណ អោយហួសប្រមាណ ឬអោយលើសពីអ្វីដែលខ្លួនអាចធ្វើទៅរួចនោះឡើយ
  • ប្រសិនបើនៅសុខៗស្រាប់តែមានអាការៈងងឹតមុខ វិលមុខ រកកល់ចង់ដួលឬសន្លប់ ត្រូវរកអ្វីដែលផ្អែមៗបន្តិចមកបរិភោគ
  • ចំពោះអ្នកដែលតែងតែមានអាការៈកង្វះជាតិស្ករក្នុងឈាម គួរតែពិនិត្យជាតិស្ករក្នុងឈាមអោយបានទៀងទាត់

នេះគ្រាន់តែជាគន្លឹះមួយចំនួនតូចក្នុងដោះស្រាយអាការៈកង្វះជាតិស្ករក្នុងករណីបន្ទាន់ណាមួយប៉ុណ្ណោះ វាមិនមែនជាវិធីសំរាប់ព្យាបាលនោះឡើយ។ អ្នកដែលមានការខ្វះជាតិស្ករក្នុងឈាមជាប្រចាំ ចាំបាច់ត្រូវទៅពិនិត្យ និងពិគ្រោះយោបល់ពីវេជ្ជបណ្ឌិតរបស់លោកអ្នកអោយបានទៀងទាត់ ទើបជាការប្រសើរ។