How to Improve Computer’s Performance

The speed of every computer related directly to these 4 components: CPU, RAM, Hard drive and GPU. If you computer is getting slow, you might need to take a look at these 4 components.

So, which component should be first upgraded if your computer is running slow? The easiest way to upgrade the performance of you computer, you might need to look at two major components, either RAM or hard drive, since CPU is pre-configuration and it is not easy to upgrade if you’re using laptop. So, which one should  you go first?

Firstly, you might need to check your computer’s RAM. If it is lower than 2GB then you need to upgrade it to at least 2GB or 4GB. Currently RAM is not so expensive like it used to be and it depends on brand as well.

Secondly, if your computer comes with at least 2GB of RAM and it’s still slow, then you might need to upgrade from ordinary hard drive to solid-slate-drive or SSD instead. SS will boost the performance of your computer in the way that you may not imagine.

Hope this would help….

Maturity of Tablet’s Era is About to Come

April 3rd, 2010 Apple introduced its first generation iPad with 9.7 inches and flawless design.

First day it was publicly introduced, the world was collapse and turns everyone’s interest from personal computers which was ruled by “laptop” to new device that light, fast, mobile and stylish, iPad instead.

Just moths after iPad introduction, many companies including HP, Samsung, Sony and HTC introduced their tablet devices that powered by Android, an operating system which buggy and memory-burning at that time. But unfortunately, not so many of them were succeed, classic example, HTC terminated their first Android tablet just months after introduced.

Nowadays, it is seem that tablet’s era is getting into a position so called “Mature” of its growing journey. In result, iPad’s sales or Samsung tablets didn’t show much grow as it used to be last year. The competition is just getting tougher while the products is not much different in terms of design and features from generation to generation.

Tablet should not replace PCs because it is made for mobility, stylish and on-the-go tasks, but not for super heavy task or even complex spreadsheet calculation.

Why Hi-Tech Device Is Burning Our Money

The world is changing too fast. From day to day, technology is showing its capability in changing our living style and behavior. Hi-Tech devices helping us to see the world in different way, helps to communicate with each other with ease and helping us do business with just a few taps.

But beside of all those pros, hi-tech devices also the “money burner”. Why? Here are some reasons:

  1. Hi-tech – Hi-price: New hi-tech devices always comes with high price. For example, iPhone 6 that Apple had just introduced, many phone shops in Cambodia sold it with very high price, but just after a few months, the price dropped down to almost standard. This marketing method can help those shop owners earn huge amount of money with just a second.
  2. Short life cycle: Once a new product introduce to the market, many people are trying to get one for themselves, but they almost forgot that every product has its own life cycle, and those cycle is just one year. Once the next generation product introduce, the old generation will drop the price and they will lose huge amount of money if they’re willing to change for the new generation product. For example, Sony Mobile committed that they will introduce new product in every 6 months. That’s the best way for those companies to earn money and also the best way for you to burn your money as well.
  3. Add-on features: Newer generation products will be improve in terms of quality and features, but those little added features will burn huge amount of your money while the current one that you’re owning is enough to help you do your business very well. Add-on features are just like a gasoline to boost the speed of a vehicle.
  4. Accessories: To increase the revenue of the company, some hi-tech companies develop separate accessories, so called “genuine accessories”. This is the way to earn more money. To get the maximum productivity of device, you need to pay more on some important accessories, for example, if you want to get the full strength of nVidia Shield Tablet, you need to pay $60 for WiFi Controller and $50 for Cover. There are a lot of companies that doing their business in this way such as Apple, Dell, Microsoft… etc.

Once new product introduce, people are willing to get one without thinking of Price, Cost, Life cycle and Productivity.

Most Common Mistakes You Make When Buying a Laptop

Laptop is now becoming a computer for everyone. Everyone almost owns a laptop to support their everyday works. Students need laptop to research, and do assignment. Employees need laptop for their everyday works. Researchers need laptop for their every laboratory stuffs.

It is seem that everyone need a laptop in their own purpose, but not all of us know how to choose the right machine with highly productivity and cost-effective. Most of us want a machine that really high-end with high CPU speed, bigger RAM, and other stuffs which sometime we do not actually need. So what are common mistakes while we plan to own a laptop?

  1. High CPU speed: Most of us believe that higher CPU’s speed clock would offer better performance. That’s the fact, but in most of the time, we are not really use all of those capacity of the CPU. We rarely to see the differences between a Core i5 vs. Core i3 CPUs while we’re running office applications or some normal applications such as web browsing, Skype chat etc. As a student or office based employees, we don’t actually use applications that require high speed CPU. We better think twice about computer CPU before we decide, because higher CPU’s speed clock, would raise up the price of the machine as well.
  2. External graphic card: Graphic card is also the most important part of a computer. Currently, there are so many kind of graphic cards which offer better performance and also costly as well. Students, office based workers or even some researchers, don’t actually need high performance graphic card. Computer comes with high-end graphic card are usually expensive. We almost cannot see any differences in some normal tasks, but you see the differences between basic and high-end graphic card when you’re running heavy tasks such as 3D game, 3D effect design or some photo editing. In most cases, we don’t need high-end graphic cards for normal task. Do not spend more money on this if you don’t actually need it.
  3. Bigger HDD storage is better than smaller SSD storage: Most of us are not aware of what SSD storage is, we mostly choose bigger HDD because we believe that it will help us store more files and documents. That’s the truth, but in reality HDD is not as good as SSD in term of performance and speed. A machine with SSD will run faster than a machine with HDD. We should choose a 128GB of SSD instead of 1TB of HDD, and we just need an external HDD for back-up. Let’s invest in SSD rather than bigger HDD.
  4. Small screen size: Small screen size is really good for people who’s always move from place to place like businessman, or pilots. Those people have their own 23″ desktop at their office. Small screen size laptop will not fit for people whose designers, data analyzers, teachers or students because small screen mean productivities will be reduce, we can see less detail than bigger screen. Students, teachers or designers should own a laptop from 15″ up.

In conclusion, before owning a laptop, we should consider and reevaluate our needs. A laptop with bigger spec will cost you more money. At the end of the day, decision is yours.

Complications of An iPhone

While the world is changing so fast, phone is now became a part of each and everyone’s life, we mostly carry it to everywhere and everytime. There are so many options and choices out there, but the first phone that everyone will keep their eyes to at the first moment of deciding to own a phone is the iPhone.

iPhone is good, elegant design and super attractive. Each and every year Apple releases it new version of the iPhone. There are so many phones int the market but iPhone is still the first option.  Today I am going to talk about the good things of the iPhone because I believe that everyone alredy defined them already, but today I am going to talk some complications of the iPhone instead.

1. Copying files in and out: It’s very easy to just plug in your iPhone into the computer but it is not easy at all to copy the files in or out of your iPhone. You need to have iTune to do that and sometimes iTune can also cause your computer crash. I don’t what’s the reason why Apple needs to do that. What if yoh want to copy or even send some files to your friend from your iPhone while you don’t have the computer?  Bluetooth that built in the iPhone is not for send or receive any files, it was built for just only hand-free headset. That’s ashamed of Apple while Android or Windows Phone devices can do that without any problem.

2. Battery life is just too short: Can you imagine that you spent more than $700 to own an iPhone and yet you need to charge it almost each and every times when you’re at the office or home to make sure that your beloved iPhone won’t die before the day end. That’s obvious to just keep looking at your phone’s battery status almost every hour. Looking back into other devices in the market while some of them can survive 2 days of using without any problem.

3. Fragilely devices: iPhone well-known is the most fragilely smartphone in the market. Just one little single drop, you could potentially cry, but things would be different if you drop a BlackBerry phone.

4. No quite button for every apps: Very annoying when you have to use your iPhone’s home button each and every time in order tyo quite the running apps. Why don’t just put a quite button to the apps, Apple?

These are just some of the complications that iPhone users will face. However, iPhone is very good device in terms of user experiences, user satisfaction and also good looking device.

No matter how, decision is yours and I believe every decision based on evaluation.

How Do You Choose Your New Smartphone?

Speaking about the “evaluation” of the smartphone, it is changing with an unexpected speed. Looking back the first BlackBerry smartphone in 2000s, those smartphones powered by 600MHz CPU with 16 or 32MB of RAM and it was enough to blow every user’s mind. I still remember in 2007 when I own a BlackBerry smartphone with black and white screen and there was not backlite light and I have to press on the light button each and every time at night to see SMS or type and messages, but I really enjoyed of using it at that time.

Now, looking at current smartphone with tons of apps and bulk of storage, CPU and RAM. Some phones are powwered but quad or octa core CPU with computer class RAM (2 or 3 GB of RAM). Based on the hardware and the needs of the customers, this is just too bulky hardware.

When we coming to think about applications or apps, some companies offering with millions of apps, but do we really need those huge amount of apps?

Let’s sit back together and think about how would you use your smartphone to support your works and everyday life. These below assumptions are based on my own experiences and some came from my interview with my friends.

1. Choosing smartphone with high-end hardware – most of my friends, including me, we choose or eyes on any smartphone with high spec because we believe that high spec will offer use lag free experience. But to be honest, we rarelh use all of those hardware resource to really maximize its capability ans strength. This is the waste of resource and money that we invest in it. Normal or regular users would needs a reasonable hardware to support their taks only and that’s also mean saving and moving forwards.

2. Apps – Nearly 100% of my friends choose new phone based on apps(usually use this term for smartphone and tablet). This is one of the ost common reason flor them to use or buy a smartphone which is cost them some extra money. This could be right or it could be just a waste of your money. Let’s answer this question together: “What kind of apps that you’re usually use everyday?  How many apps?“. To be honest,  most of us use just around 5 to 10 apps out of thousand of those available apps out there and some time we don’t even have enough time to use those selected apps as well, so why would we base on this and choose a phone that could potentially cost us upto $1,000 by based on its software offering service? Use moneh wisely is much better.

3. Elegant design with slim and premium looking – When we talking about good looking phones, this might equal to fragilely chassis as well. Companies are trying to attract their customers by releasing elegant and good looking phone by sometimes somehow comprising the strength of the phone. We want a good looking phone but some times we don’t even have time to show it off to the people around us. We should think about how to use it because these phones are mkoney burners.

These are just my assumption that based on my experiences and also the interview from my friends but there are just so many different opinion and reasons to the Smartphone that I didn’t know. Let’s figure it out what you really need before you choose to buy a new smartphone that fit to your need and also ckost saving.