Medical Representative

There are so many job titles and terms that everyone, every company use differently. Medical Representative or Medrep is a term that we usually use for pharmacists, or medical person who’s working for pharmaceutical company in order to provide product information and knowledge regarding to product prescription.

However, there many people are still misunderstanding about this role. Today, I am writing about role medrep, what they usually do and what they usual thought about.

5 misunderstanding about medreps:

  • Medrep is a seller: medrep mostly confused or misunderstood by medical personels and they also confused themselves that they’re just pharmaceutical product sellers, nothing different from ordinary sell-person. In fact, medrep are much more than just a seller. In some companies, medrep didn’t allow to sell their products directly to medical doctors, or pharmacies. Their roles are just detailing, and providing information. So, in contrast, they’re not 100% sellers.
  • Medrep are not medical persons: this is very common in Cambodia while most of medreps were undervalue or underestimated by medical doctors. Doctors believe, or somehow, assume that medreps have no medical background. I don’t know for sure, but those kind of medrep happened in 1990s, to be exact. Today, almost all of medreps are medical personels, they do have medical background, some are pharmacists, or even doctors.
  • Medreps are always have lower knowledge than medical doctors: this could be true in terms of pathology, diagnosis or treatment diseases, but however, medreps do have a certain knowledge of diseases, guideline and product usage to any product that they related. Doctors might have broad understanding about diseases and treatment protocol/guidelines, but when it comes to a certain drug or medicine, a medrep might knows it clearly.
  • Medrep is a doer: this part is very important for all medreps. Most of the time, they always consider they’re just a doer, no need to think about strategic planning, business objectives or else, because they have their line managers to think about all of this. This might be wrong. When a medrep take full responsibility at a certain area that they’re covering, they like a business manager for that area. They need to develop their own strategies, planning and also business objectives as well. If a medrep do not know how to expand the business, to achieve the goal and do not have a proper plan for business in their area, they will fail and that will close their opportunity for anothe step which is “management” step.
  • Leadership for medrep is not important: this myth is very obvious and it is very ridiculous. I do believe that leadership is not for everyone, but however, a successful medrep they do have very strong leadership. Leadership is verything we need to know about ourselves, people and lead them. Everyone need to have a strong leadership foundation in order to apply for another step of their career.

These 5 misunderstanding about medreps that I mentioned above are just a small of part of thousand of misunderstanding about medreps and more importantly medreps should have better recognation that just from company but from medical doctors point of view as well.

Last but not least, be strong, be smart and humble.

Stress and Water Intake

Stress, boring, bored and depress are the most common affect that we usually see in office workers. No one can escape from these common side effect.

No matter what or how we feel about our job or any task, you cannot let yourself being stressful or depress because of it. Why? Because the moment your stress or depress with your work, you’re direct and indirectly harming your career goal and also your family. So, how to make yourself away from stress or depress?

There are many ways, but not all of them are easy nor effective enough. However, I’ve tried this simple and effective method is “drink more water” when I’m stress or depress or unhappy about my jobs. It’s sound simple, right? But it’s scientific-based and also have supportive evidences as well.

Studies shown that, if you just half of liter dehydration you’re increasing the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. Dehydration is the most forgotten symptoms that not everyone care about it. The most you stress or upset or unhappy with anything, yourself are not likely want to eat or drink anything.

Thus, when you’re in stressful mood, let’s grab a cub of water and then drink it. You’ll feel relieve

Do not just believe me, try it first.!

Source: WebMD ( accessed: Sept 15, 2015

Common Mistakes in Running a Business

“No one will work as an employee forever.” This is a short, simple and meaningful statement. Everyone has their own plans either big or small business. Those are long term plan that everyone planned.

However, beside having a good plan for business from location until product lines, there are some common mistakes that most of us have without notice. Those are:

1. “The moment I can sell my products or services, that’s enough.” Business isn’t just about get everyone sold, getting the money and profits from customers. Not so small proportion of Cambodian businessman or businesswoman think that they just get their products or service sold is enough for them. That’s completely wrong, customers are not just coming in, buy their need and they okay, they need something else called, satisfaction. Satisfaction is very important for business, and it’s long-term business source of growth. Once they satisfy with what we provided both quality and service then they will consider to come back and buy more.

2. “Put everything in the store is ready to go.” Have you ever stepped into a store or mart and spend ten minutes to find stuffs that you needed? And sometime you could not find its location in the store or mart? In digital era, people not stupid but also need directions. Put signboard the name of the goods on the shelf would be more helpful for customers to find their stuffs easily and lesser time consume. That also can help to advertise the goods that you’re selling in  your store or mart as well. For example, this morning I went to Tella Mart, I accidentally saw Toyota Oil Filter at the lower bottom of a shelf where I believe super hard to find and see. I was really surprised. If I didn’t accidentally see it, I would never know that they also selling Toyota’s spare parts then. Those issues would be easily solve with just single piece of paper.

3. “Quantity is not as good as value.” Doing business means earning money. The more money you get, the more success you are. But however, with the tough competing market like everyday, high value maybe or maybe not the suitable measurable option anymore. Selling goods with lower price may bring your market-value down if compare to competitors, but in returns you’ll get more in terms of turnover, customers and customer’s satisfactions. For example, if you are selling Avian pure drinking water with a price of $5 per bottle (a 1L bottle) and you can only sell it 20 bottles per day, thus you’ll get $100 per day from Avian 1L bottle sales. But in contrast, you can easily sell 50 bottles of Lyon pure drinking water which priced at $3 per bottle (a 1L per bottle packaging), this means you get $150 from Lyon, higher sales compare to Avian pure drinking water. You see the differences, right? Do not just look into Value, but we should be mindful with Quantity as well. More sales, more money and more growth.

4. “Why I have to share my benefits with my clients?” Currently, with high competing with each other, manufacturers offer plenty of options for their clients, business partners and those come direct benefits that their clients or business partners would get from them. However, their clients and business partners will never share those to their end-users. Why? because they believe that they will lose their benefits as well as their business reputation as well. Those benefits need to be shared through many ways such as discounts, or free-goods.

5. “Just make it done, anything happens will later on solve.” A successful business need to have a good planning and execution as well. Most businesses, especially, family-business here in Cambodia, almost have no business plans, marketing plans as well as long-term vision. They just running their business, once they face obstacles, they will try to solve it. A strong businessman or businesswoman, they can predict the obstacles that would happen along the way and they also prepare a suitable solutions for that. Any business new a good planning. 

6. “I and I alone will manage everything.” It is good if  you can do it because it’ll help you reduct much cost on hiring a manager to help you manages all the stuffs in your store, firm or organization. But however, that kind of management will bring you countless headache, messy and unmanageable situation or problems. Empower people and give them authority to manage a certain stuffs would be much helpful and efficient. Do not try to micromanage your firm alone or you’ll be mess-up everything and also by far demotivate your staffs as well.

These are some mistakes that I, during my working experienced it and saw it. I’ve seen so many business model in Cambodia follow these including some well-know family businesses. That should have change.

Why You Should Love Your Career

Normally, when it comes to business, there is no love or like link between, but believe or not, Love means a lot in your career. Why is that so? 

“Working without loving your career or current job is just like killing yourself, your talent and your skill as well as your credit.” When you work with love you would not hesitate to put all the efforts and result would comes up. 

“Working without love it’s like driving without focus.” Can you imagine you’re driving on the road but your feeling is not with you. You might imagine how danger it would be, right? Working without love on what you’re working it’s like you’re killing a business. 

While you’re working with love then you will works with all your passion and effort then you will definitely improve yourself as well. 

Before you select any job, just ask yourself, do you really like? If do, just go ahead and if you don’t, please just stop think about it. 

During Meeting: The Value of Being Questioned

question mark with speech bubles, vector on the abstract background

Employees are always worry when the up coming meeting due date. The most common worry is about, how will I being questioned? How would I respond ? How will my staffs, my subordinate and my colleagues think about me if I got questioned?

Those worries lead the meeting become less participations, less productive and unexpected result. But however, being questioned has its pros and cons. Today, I am going to share some of my thought about the value of being questioned during the meeting.

Being questioned means the audience interested in your and your presentation. If you got some question on your presentation whether positive or negative question, means the audiences are with you and they are focus on you and your presentation. Let them asks and take it positively to improve and make it better.

Being questioned means they value your efforts. Preparing a presentation is not an easy job. From exploring raw data to a good presentation required efforts and knowledge. A good preparation will get more question and the audiences valued you and your strength through that preparation.

Being questioned means they showing you the way to make your presentation, task or program better. To improve your strengths you need to ask and being questioned along the way as well. Sometime we cannot find our mistakes but when we got questions then we can see where the mistakes lies.

Being questioned is good real life education. At school we got questions from our teachers but those questions in one purpose is just to check whether you understand the lesson or not, but in real working life, you receive questions become of those need an explanation and clarify and improve, a bit of different but huge impact on your future.

These are just some of the value of being asked or questioned during the meeting and you should never worry or afraid of being questioned as well. But however, in some cases, some questions mean humiliation and that should be avoid to happened during the meeting.

Some Behaviors at Workplace that Kill the Successes

Workplace is the place that most employees spends most of their time with. Some employees they stay the office more than their home and families.

Workplace is also the place to learn, to explore new idea and also the place that we doing new things to change the society and the world.

But some of the behaviors or attitude at workplace of some employees/staffs could potentially kill the new ideas, new expression or new change. And those behavior still exist everywhere.

Mostly reject or negative with new ideas is the behavior that will never accept of new things and will never accept any comments from others. Those behavior exist in those who thought they’re always right in no matter what situation or scenarios. If a workplace has those kind of staffs with more than 40% of all staffs they have, those company will never reach their goal or go further compare to those company that has less.

Suddenly laugh when someone stand-up and express the nature of human beings is “I am the best, I know everything and everyone is lower than me”. This kind of behavior will be appeared once there is someone stand-up and speak for any issues and someone suddenly laugh at the backstage. No matter how strong you are, but when you are about to say something and someone laugh at you, they your idea will fly aways and you don’t have any feeling to speak or express anymore. That behavior will stop everything and will also destroy the company as well.

“I am so comfortable with current situation” we’re working for only one goal is to grow or build up ourselves to a upper level. If in a company have more than 70% of the staffs who really want to build up and level up themselves to a upper level in the company, those company will be grow like a rocket because those people are working with humble, with passion and with integrity. In contrast, if a company have only 20% of the staffs are really wants to build up and level up themselves, those company will be just ordinary company like others – a company that achieve only day-to-day goal, don’t have clear vision and direction.

Never put the problem on the table for discussion and yet bring it discuss at somewhere else it doesn’t matter how huge or serious the situation or problem would be, if we together put those problem on the able and discuss, we’ll reach a solution one day and we both will comfort with that situation. But if we didn’t put on the table, yet we bring it to discuss outside the discussion room, those problem will still be a problem and the solutions will never have. If those keep happens, one day everyone, every staffs, every employee will feels demotivate and believe or not, they will one-by-one leaves the company.

Meeting room is a battle field no one wants to join the battle field, why? Because it is suicide action and place as well. A workplace that makes meeting room feels like battle field while in every meeting is like war, there’ll be no one would want to work with. Meeting room is just a the room that we put every problems on the table to discuss in order to find best solution. It’s not suppose to be the room that everyone feels it is Killing Room thought.

My manager or boss is the one that I shouldn’t touch or talk to – in Asian culture, if the one with higher position or higher rank of power, no one would dare to touch or talk to. Those culture will destroy the success of a company if those culture exist in those company. Why? Because you would never talk to or discuss with your higher boss or manager about what you want or needs and they will force you to work with what you don’t want to. This culture also block you from what is called “Speak Up Culture” when you have any issues or problem with others within your organization. Go and talk to your higher manager if you have any doubt with your direct manager or with anyone in your organization. Nothing to be fear, nothing to be worry and nothing to stop you from doing that.

Four Types Employees that Company or Organization Should Re-evaluate

The success of a company or organization is depends on the quality of employees. Leading people is very difficult but there is nothing more difficult than hiring or working with these 4 types of employees:

1. Employee who’s never put company’s direction in mind

This type of employees would never  put any direction or any task that company or their leader gave them and yet they take those as negative point. They could destroy the company or organization’s image as well as destroy the team. They would not do anything, or even they did, the result would just “thousand-reason” result (a bad result with thousands of reasons).

This type of employee, company or organization should double check their behavior, their everyday task or works, push them and work with them even closer.

2. Employee who’s negatively mindset on commenting

Comments are not always bad nor not always good. It is based on those employee’s behavior and actions. But the most important of all, employee who’s negative about their manager’s comments would never follow the team or company direction and would not put their heart at what they are doing. Those type of employees would potentially destroy team’s performance as well.

3. Employee who’s never follow the company or team’s direction

Direction is very important. It is a path, a road to success for each and every team or company. Direction will not be constant. It will change from one to another team based on opportunities and realistic situation. As an employee, follow the direction and create specific action plan to support that direction and objectives. If an employee not willing to follow the direction or discipline, company should re-evaluate their behavior and their thinks, they could become demotivate or have 2nd thought of their career.

4. Employee who’s lack of responsibilities and accountabilities

Working as a team, responsibilities and accountabilities is very important for together successes. The employee who’s lack of responsibilities and accountabilities would never takes any task seriously and implement it effectively. Double check their performance and re-evaluate their behavior is the must do that every manager or leader should take action for this type of employee.