BBM – A Stranger Messenger Among Cambodian People

BlackBerry was once called “The Kind of Smartphone” for decades, but everything has changed and its position is now under control of Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Currently, with a small market share (~1%), BlackBerry is trying its best to bring back what is theirs but it seem likes everything is not going smoothly. There are so many obstacles along its way. There are so many reasons and a lot of analysis about its fall-down, but no one knew it better than BlackBerry itself.

In early 2013, BlackBerry announced that they will make BBM available across platforms, and it quickly adapted million people around the world. But look back to Cambodia market, BlackBerry and BBM is still very new and strange among Cambodian users.

Almost 100% of Cambodian users are not aware of BlackBerry or BBM. I admit that a lot of Cambodian users are using WhatsApp, Viber, Lines, Skype or even WebChat, but not many people are using BBM.

In reality, BBM is one of messenger applications that you can do the same to what other messenger applications does. With BBM, you can send messages, voice messages, or even video conversation with high-clear voice and video quality. BBM designed to be simple, effective and easy to use.

One most important point of BBM, it won’t burn up your smartphone/tablet’s RAM. Not like what Viber, Lines or Skype does.

Now, with new updated version, BlackBerry includes BBM Enterprise, BBM Meeting to its BBM and received positive feedback from customers since BlackBerry is the “leader in enterprise mobile solution”.

You can download BBM from BlackBerry by click on this link and select BBM version for your platform. To download BBM please click here.

Complications of An iPhone

While the world is changing so fast, phone is now became a part of each and everyone’s life, we mostly carry it to everywhere and everytime. There are so many options and choices out there, but the first phone that everyone will keep their eyes to at the first moment of deciding to own a phone is the iPhone.

iPhone is good, elegant design and super attractive. Each and every year Apple releases it new version of the iPhone. There are so many phones int the market but iPhone is still the first option.  Today I am going to talk about the good things of the iPhone because I believe that everyone alredy defined them already, but today I am going to talk some complications of the iPhone instead.

1. Copying files in and out: It’s very easy to just plug in your iPhone into the computer but it is not easy at all to copy the files in or out of your iPhone. You need to have iTune to do that and sometimes iTune can also cause your computer crash. I don’t what’s the reason why Apple needs to do that. What if yoh want to copy or even send some files to your friend from your iPhone while you don’t have the computer?  Bluetooth that built in the iPhone is not for send or receive any files, it was built for just only hand-free headset. That’s ashamed of Apple while Android or Windows Phone devices can do that without any problem.

2. Battery life is just too short: Can you imagine that you spent more than $700 to own an iPhone and yet you need to charge it almost each and every times when you’re at the office or home to make sure that your beloved iPhone won’t die before the day end. That’s obvious to just keep looking at your phone’s battery status almost every hour. Looking back into other devices in the market while some of them can survive 2 days of using without any problem.

3. Fragilely devices: iPhone well-known is the most fragilely smartphone in the market. Just one little single drop, you could potentially cry, but things would be different if you drop a BlackBerry phone.

4. No quite button for every apps: Very annoying when you have to use your iPhone’s home button each and every time in order tyo quite the running apps. Why don’t just put a quite button to the apps, Apple?

These are just some of the complications that iPhone users will face. However, iPhone is very good device in terms of user experiences, user satisfaction and also good looking device.

No matter how, decision is yours and I believe every decision based on evaluation.

First Post From My Windows Phone

While everyone, specially teenagers are trying to have or own an iPhone to show that they’re really stylish and wealthy. These are the main purpose of their having an iPhone.

To me, iPhone doesn’t impress me much, I like the phone that really help me, my work and make the job done. I don’t need to be stylish or fancy. Windows Phone has everything I want. Email, easy to use and stable that’s what I really need to replace my old BlackBerry phone which it is lack of support and stability.

To me, BlackBerry is more than just a phone, it is my long year friend but, man, I just have to change to another one which more efficiency than you and the Windows Phone is just the right spot. With Windows Phone I don’t need to spend $700 to have it, with my current Lumia 620, I just need to spend only $260 and everything will ready to go.

This is just my first impression of posting a topic from Windows Phone, with ease and stable.

I suggest everyone who really need a phone to support your work with reasonable cost, go with Windows Phone.