Cambodian and Christmas

It’s seem like yesterday, but it’s almost a year already. Christmas for this year is very different from previous years.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s one of the biggest holiday for foreign people like Americans, European, and any other Christians, but not for Buddhism. This year in Cambodia, Christmas looks very happy, busy and active.

To be honest, I don’t know how many percent of Cambodian people are Christians, and also don’t know how many are Chinese then. Why? Because when Chinese new year arrived, it was almost Cambodian people are celebrate it. And this year, when Christmas arrives, they also celebrate Christmas, especially, teenagers. I don’t know why would they do that, is it for fun only? Yes maybe, because they’re celebrating Christmas without knowing of its meaning. If you have time to ask them, “what’s Christmas? Why do it?”, I could assure that just very small population that really know and understand its’ meaning.

Anyway, happy holidays everyone.

Chinese New Year

Every nation, every culture has its own New Year to celebrate. Khmer New Year will coming soon in April every year. Chinese New Year will coming this month and it will start from February 10 – 12, 2013.

Start from today, every Khmer-Chinese and Pure Chinese people looks very busy. They’re preparing food, cakes, candies, flowers to celebrate the new year with their families and relatives.

New Year comes, it also mean the time for doing some occasion business – Selling Flowers. This afternoon during my ride along the road near Sompov Meas Pagoda, I saw a lot of flowers are selling and it makes the road look even  more beautiful and busier than it used to be everyday.

Cannot let those beautiful view just easily go away, I pulled out my 2-year old BlackBerry and took some a few pictures to share to you guys. Let’s take a look.