Motorola Special Event — Moto X

Moto X

Motorola one of the world most known smartphone company is about to have something special for its fans. I am sure that everyone still remember the smartphone that made by this company called, Motorola RAZR V3, the world fist thinnest smartphone which introduced in 2004. Since then, Motorola became the name that everyone smartphone users knew about. But this past few years, Motorola seem didn’t make any impact or any interesting to bring back their popular again, the result of this, in 2012, Google announced that they successfully bought Motorola to become the part of their company.

Today, Motorola will introduce to each and everyone of us something which it is till in secret but many people, many technology websites including Engadget also predicted that “Today Motorola will introduce their brand new design Android smartphone at Moto X Event”. That’s a good news for the users but it is also a bad news for other mobile phone companies while they will have to compete with another competitor which will get full support both software and hardware from Google, the own of Android OS.

So, let’s wait and see what will Motorola introduce at their event and how interesting it will be.

My Name!

ImageHave you guys ever try to search your name on Google? I’ve tried tonight to really see how many people who will own the name like me. Surprisingly, there are so many people who has the same name to me. Like this above person as an example.

I think it is fun to just spend only 3 minutes to check your name on google then. Let’s try for fun….