2014 Three Biggest Review for My Life

2014 was an awesome year for each and everyone of us. There were some happy and sad things happened in 2014, but however, that’s life.

To move along in 2014, let’s go back to 2014 with my-life-review.

1. Marriage a wonderful woman: Marriage is what every couples should have think of. We cannot live alone forever and we also cannot just girlfriend or boyfriend forever. Marriage is to set our life’s goal in a right direction.

On May 11, 2014, my marriage was celebrated and everyone one, every member of my families and relatives are smile and happy.

Thanks to my beloved wife that always support and accept my marriage proposed.

2. Career changed: Changing is good, but not always, especially career changing. In July 2014, I had decided to move from so-called home, GSK, which I started my first career to F.Hoffman-La Roche. After 5 years of working, learning and living with GSK, I’ve learned a lot and it taught me something which I will never learn at school, social responsibility and contribution.

GSK also the place that made me proud of. Everyday I go to work, I am contributing something to my beloved country because GSK promised to reinvest 20% of its annually profit to develop healthcare infrastructure in Cambodia and in reality, 3 health centers was build, and a lot more to be built in the following years as well.

Well done! GSK team. Hope to see you guys around.

3. One year anniversary the lost of my beloved sister: In May 2013, the biggest lost of my family was the lost of my 2nd sister. She was die because of unpredictable liver cancer. Her lost was the blackest day in my life as well. I still remember the last word that she told me and wants me to do for her.

“Looking after of my daughters. Take care of them until they are married. Assist them until they graduated and get their own job.”

It’s already one year passed, but it seems like yesterday. Every time when I miss her, I always pull out the last picture that I took when she was strong enough to smile for me.

I miss you sister.

There are lots to be reviewed in 2014, but these above 3 things are the biggest changes in my life which I would carry until the last breast of my life.

Thanks to my parents who make my life today, thanks to my families that always support me, courage me to do whatever good for my future. Thanks to my teachers, friends that never give up on me.

Hope 2015 will have even more to share with you again.


2014 Access To Medicine Ranking

2014 The Access to Medicine Index

There are thousands of pharmaceutical companies around the world, but not all of them are doing great in terms of contribute to reach more patients.

Access to Medicine Index is an independent initiative that ranks the world’s 20 largest research-based pharmaceutical companies according to their efforts to improve access to medicine in 106 low- to middle-income countries [1].

The Access to Medicine Index is published every two years by the Access to Medicine Foundation, an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving access to medicine for people in need and receives financial support from donors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs [1].

This year ranking have been just published and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a winner of 2012 ranking, now they won it again with #1 ranking. GSK have done a great job in order to bring more access to medicine, especially at least developing countries like Cambodia, Laos, and African countries.

This UK giant pharmaceutical company make it best quality products available in those countries at a very affordable price. In Cambodia, GSK introduce and selling huge range of products from pharma to vaccines and consumer healthcare.

GSK is one of the giant pharmaceutical companies that invest in improving healthcare service and healthcare infrastructures. GSK returns 20% of its annual profit to build healthcare centers, healthcare services and improve the capability of healthcare professionals. Since 2008 till now, GSK built 3 healthcare centers in Cambodia, and help reduce the new born mortality babies. This is a good contribution and not so many company here in Cambodia doing this. Thanks to GSK and its contributions.