Common Cold and Solutions

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Winter season is coming, and it’s also the easiest season for you catch a cold. Common cold is very common disease that everyone could easily get it no matter who and no matter when or season, but we most likely to more frequent of common cold cases during winter season. Common cold is a viral infection disease. Children and older age populations are most at risk.

Common cold is most likely harmless or fatal disease even it is viral infection [1], but it will cause you come uncomfortable feelings such as fever, runny nose, soar throat, sneezing, watery eyes and cough [1]. Most of the common cold cases will disappear itself with 7 days or some cases could longer due to your health conditions.

What to do when you catch common cold?

As it is a viral infection disease, common cold don’t have specific drugs or medication method, but some of these below method recommended by most health organizations:

1. Drink lots of fluids: Fluids including pure water, coconut juice, fruit juices or any kind of vegetable mixed juices. These fluids would help us to prevent from keep loosing during mucus production as well as fever. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoid because it could increase the dehydration [2].

2. Get some rest: In condition of bad coughing, or fever, you should take some rest at home or take some leave from your work and get yourself some rest. This could help prevent from spreading the viruses and also get yourself to gain some energy to fight against viruses [2].

3. Exercises: Doing some exercise could also help to reduce the fever and boost your immune system as well, but DO NOT over do, it will harm yourself in contrast.

4. Soar throat problem solve: To solve soar throat you can either use fresh lemon juice or saltwater gargle. Dissolve 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 230ml of warm water and drink it [2].

5. Try chicken soup: Myo Clinic recommended common cold patients try chicken soup in order to boost up their immune system cells to fight against inflammation or viruses.

What kind of medicine should you take?

There is no cure medication or drugs for common cold. These below medicines could help you in case your symptom is bad [3]:

1. Pain reliever drugs: You can take pain reliever drugs or medicines such as paracetamol, Advil, Panadol, ibuprofen or Tylenol or any other pain relievers when you have severe headache, or fever. Ask your pharmacists or physicians for more information about those medicines/drugs.

2. Nasal spray: When you have runny nose, you can use some of nasal spray products, but adults should not use more than few days because prolonged use can cause chronic rebound inflammation of mucous membranes. And children shouldn’t use decongestant drops or sprays at all.

3. Cough syrups: If you have severe cough symptoms you can use cough syrups. There are so many kind of cough syrups out there in the pharmacies. Ask your pharmacists or physicians for more information about cough syrups.

4. Vitamin C: Taking vitamin C could potentially shorten the during of common cold, but vitamin C itself could not prevent you from common cold [4].

Visit your doctors if the symptoms won’t disappears within a week or longer or if you have severe symptoms.


The Worst New Year Ever—I hate it…

New year means happy time for each and everyone of us. I used to happy with it for more than 20 years already. But why this year I hate it?

Simple, but not easy to understand. This year is supposed to be another happy year for me. My currier is good, my life is okay because I already found my beloved one and already engaged, the health is good too, but there is 2 simple but serious things happened.

One, my second-sister is sick and now staying at the hospital for treatment which I don’t know how long she’ll stay there and how much money that we’ll pay for. This makes me very headache and not just me, but for the rest of the families are worrying about her illness.

Second and the most headache and painful for me. My fiancé is angry with me and no more believe in me because I make her feel lonely during this new year while I don’t actually have the new year for this year. I completely don’t have any ideas/clues to solve/fix this problem. This is not a new issue that we have, but this time it is really painful for me. It’s like you have been cut both feet and head. I’ve tried to fix it for the whole day but it end up with no result. I tried to SMS, call, messages to her many times, but I she didn’t reply me, not even one.

I have no friends, no joy, no feeling and no energy to do things right now. Cutting out both feet and head, you’ll have only one way to go,…is dead and I am dying now because of that.

I’ve been trying to balance between the family and her, it always end-up like this. Relationship is really complicated and I am really afraid of it now.

At this time in point, I am not dare to see her face, to talk to her or hold her hands like I used to. I can only stare into her picture in my phone and think, think and think. Think twice, triple…. but there is no clue for me at all. I’ve been ask myself, should I keep my sister at the hospital and go for away with her during new year, so that she won’t feel lonely anymore? or should I leave this problem behind and take care of my sister? Or what should I do?

At the end of the day, I cannot answer all of those questions. Not even one.

I hate new year and next year I won’t have any new year at all. I would rather stay at home, keep thinking and thinking to really see me.

I hate you, New Year!


Have you guys ever got headache? There are too many reason to be headached. Sometime we got headache coz of works, life and love. Headache with work will mucb mire easy to solve than headache with love.

The cause of headache is blood and glucos. When we try to push ourselves to work hard without give our body enough energy (water, glucos and calcium) then our body will try to get those elements from anywhere it can. Result, we’ll feel tired and exhausted. Headache is the first symptom that you might experient whike you are tired or overload of working.

How to solve it? Easy way is relax and add more energy by eating more vagetable, meet, and multivitamin products.