Why You Should Not Worry About HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has been known for decades and it is the disease that everyone always worry of. But these past decade, another threats becoming bigger concerns compare to HIV/AIDS. So what is it and why we should just worry about HIV/AIDS anymore?

HIV/AIDS is the disease that cause by HIV virus. If it is causes by virus that’s mean we will have strategies to prevent from getting infected from it. And yes, that’s right because HIV virus can be prevented by using condom anytime you intended to have sexual activities with other girls who is not your wife or who’s just one night lover. So there is nothing we should be worried about HIS/AIDS if you are well protected yourself. So what else you should be worry of?

There are a lot of diseases which you could never prevented, such as cancer, diabetes or hypertension.

Nearly 100% of cancer disease that we cannot be prevented, except cervical cancer. Cancers are now getting bigger and bigger concerns for everyone not just at developed world but also at developing world as Cambodia like well. Cancer we cannot prevented and it is a silent killers because the moment that we know we got cancer, it’s almost late stage and the death is coming to us. Hope in the next decades when sciences is getting strong more, scientist could found another ways to help us secured from cancer disease but that hope will be a miracle.

Diabetes is another disease that we should be worry after cancer. People loves themselves and they try to get themselves what’s best but unfortunately their eating behavior just killing them. When people are getting richer and the things become more affordable, bad eating behavior just helps the boost the speed of diabetes almost double.

People should have think how protect themselves from those diseases not just worry about HIVE/AIDS.

December 2nd – “World AIDS Day”

December 2nd every year, people around the globe include WHO, NGOs and government join hands together to fight against “century disease”, HIV/AIDS.

Since HIV has been globally known as Century virus and causes century disease called AIDS, millions of people around the world suffered. There is no specific drug or medication or even vaccine to treat or prevent this virus.

Because it is sexual transmitted disease (STD), the most effective method to prevent from getting infected is using “condom” and avoid to use single syringe for multiple people, all materials should sterile properly before use.

Blood infusion also the cause of spread of HIV/AIDS. Avoid not to receive or get or HIV/AIDS positive patients should never give blood donation.

Never forget HIV/AIDS or you will suffer.