Cambodia: Teenagers vs. Traffic Law

Speaking about Cambodia, I just have so many things to share with you, both positive and negative points. In general, I will mention more on negative points to drive more attention from everyone, including authorities.

With the speed of economic grow like nowadays, children are growing too fast if compare to my generation. People who was born during 1980s downwards, growing to meet the standard is just a miracle. Not enough food, no clean water, not enough protein and even clothes, are the main barres for children’s growth. People at my generation or older, they grow very slow and skinny. But look at nowadays children, they’re growing too fast. Just 12 or 14 years old, their high is already 160 cm to 170 cm. The speed of growth in those children could brings some negative points to the society.

Today I only bring one little negative to discuss, “Level of understanding and obey the traffic law of teenagers”.

If you ride a bike or drive a car along the road, you would see so many teenagers who aged around 15-20 years old ride their motorbike with incredible speed and helmet-less. Normal, Cambodia’s traffic law states, “in the city or crowded area, the speed is limited to 40km/h”. But look back to what our teenagers are driving is faster than 50km/h by compromising any risk that waiting for them.

No helmet, no rear mirror, high speed are disobey the law is the thing you might see. I truly do not understand why, but maybe because of these reasons:

– No helmet because helmet is the hair-style-killer, perhaps they loves their hair style than their life. Wearing helmet is very important  and also help you to reduce some injuries if incidentally you’ve got accident. Helmet will protect your skull and brain from getting injured and dead.

– Some teenagers thinks that wearing helmet and slow driving make  them not look “COOL”, they’re compromising and risk their life for that new way of living. This is a suicide action and I don’t know when will they understanding and take care of themselves a bit better. This behaviors will never make you look “cooler” or “more handsome or cute” but it is killing yourself. Wake up kids.

– “Drive fast, and obey the traffic law make me look braver in front of my girlfriend”, this is even more serious and danger. Do not do that. It won’t make you  look braver, in contrast, you’re killing yourself and your girlfriend. Drive safe is best for you and her.

There are just so many things happen on the road. First time for a foreigners who come to visit Cambodia, they will surprise and will says, “WOW! These people is driving like crazy, this country is so unorganized and outlaw”. As a Cambodian citizen and as Cambodia’s next generation, how would feel if you hear that? I personally feel very ashamed.

Cambodian and Christmas

It’s seem like yesterday, but it’s almost a year already. Christmas for this year is very different from previous years.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s one of the biggest holiday for foreign people like Americans, European, and any other Christians, but not for Buddhism. This year in Cambodia, Christmas looks very happy, busy and active.

To be honest, I don’t know how many percent of Cambodian people are Christians, and also don’t know how many are Chinese then. Why? Because when Chinese new year arrived, it was almost Cambodian people are celebrate it. And this year, when Christmas arrives, they also celebrate Christmas, especially, teenagers. I don’t know why would they do that, is it for fun only? Yes maybe, because they’re celebrating Christmas without knowing of its meaning. If you have time to ask them, “what’s Christmas? Why do it?”, I could assure that just very small population that really know and understand its’ meaning.

Anyway, happy holidays everyone.

Why Cambodian Teenagers Are In Love with Apple’s Product, iPhone?

Apple is the first computer company who develop and create the world first graphic operating system on their very own machine called Macintosh.

Macintosh sound strange in Cambodia while everyone, especially young generation might never heard about this word. Macintosh created by Steve Jobs and his co-founder in 1980s. The first Macintosh were look not so attractive at all, but after Steve Jobs introduced his first iMac G3 in 1998, the world start to recognize that Apple is the most innovative company. The iMac G3 was also the most popular all-in-one computer at that time. It helped Apple be the biggest company today.

So, how about today? What make Cambodian teenagers so dying to have an iPhone (whatever version it is)? Why they are so in love with Apple’s products?

There are so many reasons that you will get from them. Some will tell you that they love it because it well made product with high quality both software and hardware. Another will tell you that they love it because it stylish, sexy and well-known products. But no matter what reason they told you, it’s always 2 important reasons:

1. They love it because it is Apple: The feeling that you hold an Apple’s product in your hand and when the people look at you and want to ask you about that things, those feeling will remind you that you’re the only person or you’re the STAR at that time. You’ll feel very proud of holding it. That’s the most common reason that I get from many people I asked.

2. Using experiences: In Cambodia, teenagers use iPhone are not just for their feeling, but they want to experiences the whole new things, to really see what’s the different between the iPhone and the oldie Nokia. Apple has create a very good product which hardware and software work together like one. People will experience the best when they using iPhone.

These 2 main reasons that can push teenagers to get the iPhone over Nokia’s phone.

Phnom Penh’s Traffic Jam’s Getting Worst

Since 2003 I knew that Bangkok is the only city in South East Asia that has very bad traffic jam situation and everyone knew about it. But now, Phnom Penh is getting even worst while everyone seems to care about traffic light. No matter it is red color or green color they will just drive/ride the vehicle. Here, I don’t mention about yellow color of traffic light because no one will care about it here and it will sooner or later be eliminated from the list.

Look into this picture below you’ll understand how bad traffic in Phnom Penh is. No one care about the light, they only care about the ride and that’s the cause of an average of 6 people dies everyday in Cambodia.


Cambodian Red Cross has worked together with schools in Phnom Penh to post some students at each every cross-road where there is traffic-light to really control the travelers, but sometimes, those students got piss and I feel very sorry for them.

Speaking about driving. So many many Cambodian teenagers they’re just so happy to ride their motorbike along the road with no helmet on their fragile-head. Come on, your head is so just easy to be fragile. It was made from bones and skin, very breakable then. Please be careful because you’re not just the bright of your family but also the future of our country then. Don’t let a little mistake to destroy your bright future. I hope you guys will understand what I am saying here.

Please, everyone be mindful about your action along during your driving.

12-inch Long Dress

Cambodian teenagers nowadays are changing from day to day. They are now well-known in new thing absorb.

If you walking or driving along the road in Phnom Penh or anywhere else in Cambodia, you’ll see and surprise that young-girls are wearing a very short skirt, i called “12-inch long skirt”. I don’t know what they are thinking, but i do know one thing that, they want to make themselves sexy, attractive and impressive, but yet they forgot that they are Cambodian.

I am hate it nor like it, but i just so…ashamed…of some young girls wear too skirt, it sometimes look like they didn’t wear anything and they driving along the road.

So, where the hell is Khmer Culture? What we do to limit it? Of cause we cannot stop them because it’s already been registered, but do we just allow it to happen without any control?

If we don’t have any appropriate control on this, I am sure that they will wear the skirt that could potentially shorter than today “12-inch skirt”.