What Shouldn’t Do To Your Staffs

The role of a manager just too many. Leading people is one of the second most important role after Leading business to success with the right direction and approaches. But also not so many managers who really know how to do for their staffs in order to motivate them, guide them and together succeed.

Here are some of the things that you, as a manager, shouldn’t do to your staffs:

1. Do not leave the whole cake to staff without clear and specific guideline — Guideline and direction are very important not just for individual, but for the whole business successes. To be succeed in a business, manager have to develop a specific project to fits their staff’s individual talent and guide them how to do it, and give them a very clear direction. If leave the whole cake [project] to them without specific guideline and direction, you won’t get anything back beside “firing” your staff and you’ll false in that typically project.

2. Do not “just wait” and “expect” the result if you don’t get involve — It doesn’t matter that you already guide your staffs to do what business should’ve been done, if you don’t and not willing to get involve with them you won’t be able to get any results. So, getting involve with them in that project, meet them and let them talk about what they’re facing will bring your successes.

3. Do not chase them while you didn’t push yourself into a limit — “Chasing” somehow can create a lot of problem and issues between you and your staffs. No one will like chasing. Push them to work real hard, and show them to result that they could potentially get from that project might create a lot of successes. Sit down with your staffs, find the problems and fix it together would much help you to get what you and the company wants.

4. Do not left your staffs behind — One a week or 2 times a month to sit down and have a friendly discussion by letting them talk and think about you, company and challenges will help you create more relationship with them, get close to them and those relationship will lead to success. There are so many managers who doesn’t much care about their staffs, they don’t even have face to face discussion with their staffs. No matter how busy you are, but face to face discussion with your staffs is really important. Remember — To make they love and respect you, you need to love, care and respect them first.

5. Do not expect that you understand everything about them — “Knowing” is another thing, but “understanding” your staffs is a critical KPI for each and every manager. Most of the managers thinks that they know and understand well about their staffs, but in fact, that’s just assumption that could lead to misunderstood. The result you will never know if you don’t actually understand about your staffs.

6. Do not throw mistakes or failures to your staffs even they did it worst — Success or failure of a project is coming from direction and guidance. If you don’t have specific, clear, measurable guidance and direction, your project could potentially false and that failure is not coming from your staffs, it’s definitely YOURS. As a manager, as succeed of a project is not only you who contributed it, but it is your team who did it best understand your direction and guidance. And also as a manager, you might need to pick all the comments and failures to convert it into opportunities to support the growth of the business and company.

7. Do not act like a “BOSS” but act like a “LEADER” — The word “Leader” and “Boss” still very blur in so many managers.

  • A Leader is a  person who manage and leader a group of people, getting involve, finding and solve the problem with the team toward success. They will not give an order to their team members, but they would lead them and show them the result.
  • A Boss is a top or the head of a company or business that might not get involve in day to day team activities, but they have a very clear and wide view of the business opportunities and clear understanding the situation. They will just only need to see the results and achieve the company’s objectives. The success or the failure of a company is understand their hands.

These seven “Do not” for managers are very important and these came from my real life experiences.

Remember — Before you point your fingers to anyone, no matter who they are, even your staffs, you need to triple think about yourself first.

Good Managers – Means Something More Than Just Pointing

There are so many kind of managers, there are some good and boring managers. But to become a good manager would never been easy. It needs skills, leaderships, management skills and relationships. Most of managers are leading their company/staffs with their real experiences, their skill and their guidance. They leads people by examples.

Leadership is really important, but it is just about of having it. It is about how will we lead the people with skills and respect. To get the respect from staffs, a leader needs think and work a lot, not just sitting and pointing them to do things without any clear guidance.

These are some tips that I’ve learned:

  1. Listening: A leader need to have a very good active listening skill, not just arguing or fighting. Leader needs to listen their staff’s opinion really hard and thinking/exploring solutions. Feedbacks from staffs are really important because it is the way that lead leaders to the place they never do before. ” Listening and Thinking”….
  2. Planning: From the feedbacks of our staffs, let’s pick up the pen and list down possible solutions. No need to be perfect, but list down as much as you can. Sometimes, silly solutions contribute the best result.
  3. Execute the Plan: Discuss with staffs about the solutions you’ve listed and evaluate it. Execute it by you and your staffs together. You need to lead your staffs/team to do it, not just leave the plan to them. ” DO IT”…
  4. Celebration with your staffs/team: Reward or celebration the result with your staffs/team. This is the only chance for you to make very close relationship with your staffs, so don’t miss it.
  5. Motivation: It is very important. A good leader, he knows how to motivate people to do their job and to really looking for any other opportunities. Motivation means a lot. It can makes people contribute their result without any boring feeling or any complaining. They will work with their heart and their soul. The will put their everything on their work. So, please motivate your staffs no matter their commit mistakes or deliver results. “Motivate Them To Deliver What We and Team Wants”

Leader or Boss?

Each and everyone of us studies so hard to get what we goaled for, a good job with good paid. To reaching a top position at our workplace is the thing that everyone of us want to be. But, to reach those point we have to be ready and prepared so many things.

Once we get there, not so many of us realize that we’re doing something which is not the favorable for our staffs. To become a good leader would never easy. It needs process and development. Many people are pretending that they have but in fact, they have nothing than just a “BOSS” attitude. So, why become a boss are so easy than becoming a good leader?

945898_488801974525588_119688186_nTake a look at above picture. This picture show us the differentiation between a “Boss” and a “Leader”.

A good Leader is a person/man who is really care about their staffs, works and work together to get the goal that he already set. He would work really hard with his staffs to get it and once he get it, he’ll celebrate it together with his staffs/partners. A good leader will knows his staffs so well. One more important point of a leader, he would never blame his staffs but always motivate, and fix the problem with skill.

Alright, look back to a “Boss” attitude. A boss mean the top man sitting above staffs. A man who’s always ask for result, demand for something with less support, less motivation and sometime “NO” motivation as well. A boss will blame you because you didn’t deliver the result and will never guide you because they are just busy with their stuffs and they will just sit behind your back, stare at you and your way of working.

To me, I don’t need that kind of “BOSS” but what I need is a “LEADER” who is always stay right next to me, guide me, help me fix problems, motivate me when I fails or success, celebrate the success together. To move forward the business we should think twice about becoming a “BOSS” or a “LEADER”. Which one should we choose is not depend what we want we to be but it will depends on what should we lead our people to become an icon.

It is just my personal opinion and I know sometimes it’s not right. But at least, I hope you guys learn some from this.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!