Books That Every Manager Should Read

Reading books not just a behavior to kill your free times, but also the tool that make you realize of yourself, everyone and everything around you and also give you some tips to improve your day-to-day life better.

Reading books it doesn’t mean that you’re stupid or lack of knowledge, it is a good behavior and knowing yourself, and which position you are at.

Some people they don’t like to read the books and claim they know everything. Some believes that reading is nothing, but action is something that should have done. Some believes that reading is just a behavior to show people around you that you’re high educated person. Honestly, reading should have bounded with action. However, there would no right action if you don’t read.

These books that I think every manager should have read:

1. How to motivate every employee by Anne Bruche: This book is very important to those who have direct subordinates or direct reports. In this book, the writer show you short and good tips for you easy to imagine and utilize it to actions.

If you’re using iPad, tablets or e-book readers, you can buy this book at Amazon by click on this link: How to Motivate Every Employee

2. 5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell: Do you know which level of leadership are you at now? Are you sure that you are behave in the right way? Do you believe that you are not using your position, your power to control your subordinates? Do you know how to improve your leadership skill?

If you’re not sure yet, this book might guide you and also explain you in very detail how and where you are at. This is a long detail book, you might need to take some times to read it but it worth to read. Click on this link to buy this book: 5 Levels of Leadership

3. Leadership and Motivation by John Adair: This book is like basic or fundamental of leadership including motivation. The writer shows you everything about a person’s need, behave, behavior and also leadership in general as well. Click on this link to buy the book: Leadership and Motivation

Enjoy your reading people. Hope this might help.

Books I Am Reading

Reading is become a part of my everyday habits. I read, write and explore what’s new that help supports my development plan.

There are so many books out there that you could find and read, but these are some books that I would recommend:

1. The 5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

This book is very important book for anyone who’s on the way to be a leader, a manager or the one who’s giving an opportunity to lead people. This book will guide you to really understand who you are, where you are at now and what next in a leadership level. It provides you the clues to develop yourself as good leader and help you level up yourself as well.

2. Lead by Example by John Baldoni

How do you lead your team? How do you want your team to me? And how will you help your team? These are questions that you meet see during your leadership period. This book will guide and help you more to understand on how to make an example to others of your leadership and lead them by what they are seeing on you. This book will provides you tips to make sure they your team will follows you without any questions because they want you to lead them.

Business Principles and Management3. Business Principles and Management by James Burrow, Brad Kleindl, Kenneth E. Everard

This book is just collect almost everything about business, including business concepts, marketing concepts and also financial management that support you business. This is very good book indeed. It will provides you a clear vision to really grow  your business and idea as well.

Study will be end once you are no long in class, but learning will never ends, it will go with you until die.

Why Working Environment Is Very Important?

Employees spend 8 to 10 hours a day their workplace. Most of their time focuses on making the job done with good result as possible. Workplace means something more than just “a place that they need to come and make their job done”. It’s just like their second home, their second school. This mean, any changes, any problem with their workplace will directly impact to their career, their job and  their future. So, why it is so important?

1. Good working environment mean heaven: Because they spends more than 8 hours a day at their workplace, definitely they would need their workplace to be a perfect place for them so that they can focus and deliver the best result. A good working place will encourage employees to come to the office early, deliver the best result as possible and will never feel depress at work. They will stay with company as long as possible, they will help the company moving forwards. Good working place is every employee’s dream.

2. Bad working environment will affect to both mentally and physically: Imagine if you’re working for a company that have very poor leadership, messy, unorganized, unclear structure etc. With that kind of environment, we might not even have feeling to go, to see or even to work with. Those kind of working place is just like hell. People don’t want to step into it and will never dream of working in that kind of environment. That environment will destroy not just their mental, but also their physical as well.

3. Low productivity at bad working environment: No one work, no one organize and no one responsible for anything and that leads to, what we called, Zero Productivity. How can an employee focus to deliver good result if their workplace is just a mess? How can they deliver good result if no one can lead, share and manage the operation? That kind of working environment is a company’s disaster.

4. Bad working environment is the “career goal destroyer”: Do not dream that you’ll be promoted, or giving opportunities to try higher position in bad working environment, because every employee they would do anything to secure their position and will never let anyone takes it from them. And that will “block” you from achieving your career goal.

That’s very important for each and everyone of us to work with a good environment. Thus, please double check and reevaluate the place that you’re working with or the place that you planned to go, or otherwise, you will end up with high moving frequency.

What All Managers Should Not Missed

The growth of a business is coming from the contribution of all employees, not any individual contributions. Working as team is really important for the growth of the business.

Each and every companies has its own leader or manager who has huge responsibility and ability to grow the business to achieve the goal. To achieve the goal, a leader or manager need to remember this:

1. Celebration the success with all the employees — Sharing the success with team is the most important thing for any leaders or managers to get to know their staffs and be close with them and understand their concerns and fix those concerns properly. This is not just having fun with them, but it is about sharing.

2. Get to know your staffs and be closed with them — A comments or suggestion from staffs are very important to strengthen the business plan, and more importantly is to grow the business and achieve the ambition that already set.

3. Treat people fairly — Be fair and treat them as your treat yourself. Staffs are just like the wheels of a car, the moment the wheels are flatted, or broken, the car will cannot be moved.

4. Development plan for your staffs and business — This is very important for you to keep your staffs works for you for a long time period. People always has their own ambitious and that ambition will be feed by the plan that you have for them. Develop a specific plan for each and individual of them and build them based on their talents. They will never forget you and will keep themselves to work for you as long as they still breath.

5. Longer term vision — Business is feeding by Invest, harvest and repeat the process. To keep your business or company exist in the market, long term strategies are very important. Normally, 5 to 10 years plan is commonest.

These are just what I have learned from my 5-years working experiences and I believe that these would give you some ideas to build a better working environment as well as successful business.

Good Managers – Means Something More Than Just Pointing

There are so many kind of managers, there are some good and boring managers. But to become a good manager would never been easy. It needs skills, leaderships, management skills and relationships. Most of managers are leading their company/staffs with their real experiences, their skill and their guidance. They leads people by examples.

Leadership is really important, but it is just about of having it. It is about how will we lead the people with skills and respect. To get the respect from staffs, a leader needs think and work a lot, not just sitting and pointing them to do things without any clear guidance.

These are some tips that I’ve learned:

  1. Listening: A leader need to have a very good active listening skill, not just arguing or fighting. Leader needs to listen their staff’s opinion really hard and thinking/exploring solutions. Feedbacks from staffs are really important because it is the way that lead leaders to the place they never do before. ” Listening and Thinking”….
  2. Planning: From the feedbacks of our staffs, let’s pick up the pen and list down possible solutions. No need to be perfect, but list down as much as you can. Sometimes, silly solutions contribute the best result.
  3. Execute the Plan: Discuss with staffs about the solutions you’ve listed and evaluate it. Execute it by you and your staffs together. You need to lead your staffs/team to do it, not just leave the plan to them. ” DO IT”…
  4. Celebration with your staffs/team: Reward or celebration the result with your staffs/team. This is the only chance for you to make very close relationship with your staffs, so don’t miss it.
  5. Motivation: It is very important. A good leader, he knows how to motivate people to do their job and to really looking for any other opportunities. Motivation means a lot. It can makes people contribute their result without any boring feeling or any complaining. They will work with their heart and their soul. The will put their everything on their work. So, please motivate your staffs no matter their commit mistakes or deliver results. “Motivate Them To Deliver What We and Team Wants”