Nokia Lumia 620 Review – 7 Days After


If you might aware, I post some topic(s) which talked about smartphones and technology. I like technology because it can changes your life even easier, better and much faster that traditional style. Me, myself, I am a pharmacist, but I see the value of understanding the technology and that’s the only reason why I am in love with it.

This reason days, I bought a Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone which it is the Windows Phone 8 smartphone. It cannot be compared to the iPhone or any Android phones out there in the market due to some lack of support and applications. But however, I do really love it (not like) and here are my review:

  1. The Feeling: When you first hold Nokia Lumia 620 you’ll feel “Wow!” Yeah, because this phone is made of polycabonate chases with double-layer backdoor. It looks very interested since the day I hold it. The phone is very light and feel very solid in hands then, not just easily to be broken like the iPhone(s) does. The screen of this phone is fit in the small-palmb like me. I can reach the tope or the side of the phone without any doubt
  2. Battery: Believe me once you call a phone as smartphone, that’s mean you have to charge your battery once/day or even more often. The battery in Lumia 620 is just only 1300mA but it can live up to one full day. I think, the battery is okay but you might need another extra if you wish you bring it with you to another place which lack of electricity that really common in Cambodia. Beware of that. Image
  3. The Software – Windows Phones 8 OS: The Nokia Luma 620 is operated by Windows Phone 8, which it is the most advance OS for smartphone. Windows Phone 8 runs very smoothly, easy to use, and always update with Live Tile and i am sure that there’ll no other smartphones can do that. For the iPhone users they might think that iOS is way faster than any other smartphone OS in the market but iOS will just have to Windows Phone one day if they’re still keeping things the way they’re doing right now. Windows Phone 8 is just really good and probably the best in its class then…


4. Applications: Once we are talking about an iPhone, we’ll always reflect the       applications that Apple and their partners are providing to there customers. But not all of those apps will use proper, some apps they just want to try 20 or 30 minutes then they remove it. This makes sense because, I am believe that just only a few apps that will be use frequently such as Office, Email, Chat (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype…). All of these common apps already for use for Windows Phone 8.

So, that’s just the first review of my Lumia 620 and I think, it is a great phone with reasonable budget if you compare to any other luxurious smartphones such as iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 or else.

The next topic I will go through the cost effectiveness of Lumia 620 versus BB10 or even iPhone/Samsung. It is a really need for us before we do/prepare anything, we should to think twice about its’ cost-effective or what?

First Post From My Windows Phone

While everyone, specially teenagers are trying to have or own an iPhone to show that they’re really stylish and wealthy. These are the main purpose of their having an iPhone.

To me, iPhone doesn’t impress me much, I like the phone that really help me, my work and make the job done. I don’t need to be stylish or fancy. Windows Phone has everything I want. Email, easy to use and stable that’s what I really need to replace my old BlackBerry phone which it is lack of support and stability.

To me, BlackBerry is more than just a phone, it is my long year friend but, man, I just have to change to another one which more efficiency than you and the Windows Phone is just the right spot. With Windows Phone I don’t need to spend $700 to have it, with my current Lumia 620, I just need to spend only $260 and everything will ready to go.

This is just my first impression of posting a topic from Windows Phone, with ease and stable.

I suggest everyone who really need a phone to support your work with reasonable cost, go with Windows Phone.