Acceptable Notes in Cambodia – Things You Need to Know

People are living, doing and working for “money” and if there is no money, exchanges or goods will never happen. There are so many kind of notes and it is specific for every single countries. Some countries can use the same notes, but it’s a rare case.

As a country, Cambodia also has its own notes called “RIEL”. Khmer riel is unique and can only be used in Cambodia’s territory only. Khmer riel range from 100 riel to 500,000 riels, but 500, 000 notes rarely be seen and use.

The exchange from Khmer riel to US dollar is quite stable for this year. One US dollar you can exchange with around 4,000 riel. In everyday business or activities, people we just calculate one US dollar equal to 4,000 riel only.

Riel exchangeHowever, in Cambodia you can use so many different kind of notes that you have to buying stuffs or exchange without any worries. So, what kind of notes will acceptable in Cambodia? Do you need to exchange to Khmer riel with you’re going to visit Cambodia?

The answer of this question would be: You can use any currencies or any notes that it is official accepted. You somehow do not need to exchange if in case you don’t have enough time, but small notes might be sufficient for you. These below notes are wisely accepted in Cambodia:

US Dollars: The currency or note is very popular in Cambodia and it is wisely use any places, any shop or any markets. It sometime even more popular than Khmer riel. You might need to bring some small note ($1, $5, $10) might more sufficient for you during your time in Cambodia.

Thai baht: Some parts of Cambodia, especially north-west Cambodia where border with Thailand. This notes use wisely. In Phnom Penh and other parts of Cambodia, Thai baht can also be use but not so popular.

EURO: After US dollars, Euro also accepted and can be use at any shopping centers or malls, but it not as popular as US dollar due to its price is much higher than US dollar or Thai baht.

Vietnamese dong: East-southern of Cambodia has border with Vietnam where Vietnamese dong is popular. They uses it in every exchanges or buying. Vietnamese dong’s price is lower than Thai baht, EURO or US dollar. This notes will hardly to accept in Phnom Penh or other provinces beside east-southern country.

These above currencies are use wisely, some notes can be used across the country and some can only be used at some part of the country.

Other currencies such as Singapore dollars, Australia dollar… can also be used in some cases.

However, Khmer riel is still the most popular and can be used at anywhere, any places.

Final suggestion: If in case you don’t have enough time to exchange your money, US dollar is the most and wisely accept that you can bring with you. Small notes will be best option.


Cambodia: Money, Power and Corruptions

Cambodia is a small country in South-East Asia, with the population of 15 millions and it is also the country that gone through so many civil wars during 1960s and 1970s.

In the past few decades, Cambodia has been trying to freedom up itself and also develop to become a country of freedom and regain its well-know as an Empire during 11th or 12th century.

Problems are happening along the way of improving, changing and developing. Currently, Cambodia proves to the world that it can make a different. However there are many problems existing which could potentially stop Cambodia from being develop or open its new era.

People are hungry to be rich in different ways, being rich is nothing wrong and trying to being rich is also nothing wrong at all, but the way they’re getting rich or making themselves rich is the matter. In Cambodia, people are trying to be rich by any means, any ways because once they are rich, they could do anything they want with no remorse, no judgement. We can say that, “money” is rulings Cambodia at any means necessaries. Rich people are using their money to buy lands, homes, islands, or even power. They believe that “money” is the God.

Power is more powerful than God, people who are rich, they will get the power and they would use that power to rule everything at any means. Power can change from black to white, wrong to right, illegal to legal, beautiful to ugly…etc. Cambodian people are more likely to use their power to gain their influence. In a society that power is ruling everything like Cambodia, the person who don’t have any power or simple person will just try to keep quiet and live with fear. People believes, “power is ruling everything even God”.

Corruption is everywhere in Cambodia, from school to government, corruption is growing very well and stands very strong in the way it is. Cambodian people loves to have power and money, those two things generates “corruption”. Nearly 100% at government sectors, public workplaces, or ministries, corruption still exist and it is still growing quite good. Many Cambodian people believes that “corruptions” could help the process or progressions of registering, or running a business faster with short time frame.

These three important negative points that existing in Cambodia right now, could harm this little country to become one of the most corruptions and violation in the world. Those will leads to stop or delay the investment of some multinational companies that they want to invest in Cambodia. Thus, the economic will be stuck at one place and people are still poor.

First step to start your saving plan

“Money Saving Plan”

“Saving” is always the problem for each and everyone of us. Everyone will face this kind of issue while we’ve tried to work a lot, but the income we was not enough to pay the bills. 

There are many step of saving money during economic crisis. Economic is starting to regain its place in growing step by step, but the income that we’ve made was not enough if compare to price of the goods in the market. 

To share the idea and practices I had on how to saving money. It might not 100% fit, but at least, it could give you an idea to start your saving plan.

“First step” of saving plan is try to list down everything, anything you’ve bought for the first month. List down every single thing you’ve bought, from the cheapest to the most expensive one. Food, drinks, electric city, internet fee, and gasoline. Include them all. 

Why would we do that? We list everything is aim to see where our money goes, to really understand where we were spend the money. After one month of listing every down, you’ll see where the money was spend the most, so that you’ll have an appropriate action for it. 


Which Job Is The Hardest Job in Cambodia?


Just reading through my topic, I think you guys will understand what will happen in this topic then. I’ve been working in this current job for 4 years already. There are so many things just happened both joy and pain. But to my idea, there is only one job which it is very hard to deal with — Convincing or Representative.

Since the beginning, convincing is the hardest job of all time. You try to convince people while they are just thinking about their own benefits and yet you discuss with them about society’s benefits. I don’t know whether is the same in other countries or not, but convince Cambodian doctors to really think about Cambodian’s people’s healthcare and the ethical as professional healthcare would never be easy. But there are also some healthcare professionals are thinking about their client’s benefits too, but very little.

Once you ask them to think about it, they will ask you back what will they get from that? That’s a valid question, but they’re already forgot that their duty is to ensure that everyone is cured, healthy and no harm.

Alright, that’s just my idea and my experience. It might different from your experiences or ideas. Let’s discuss on this.